Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sad State of Bloggism

What a damn shame.

I think about blogging all the time but I can't seem to put the pen to the paper these past months!
Yeah I'm raggedy as hell.  So finally I said today lemme just try to do this from my phone to at least shake the dust off my shyt.

You know working, having a man, having business, and alla that has made me just feel so overwhelmed.  Like I used to take this blog so seriously but half the time I was writing when I was at work.  Now companies block the site and by the time I get home I'm done.  But I have to change that.  When I blogged it felt good and maybe that's what I need so I don't feel overwhelmed as much?

So many things have happened since that
posting last October.  I have done some dirty shyt, stupid shyt, smart shyt, as well as good money type of shyt.  In addition I have been the target of unwanted shyt that I needs to get on here and talk about too.  Word!
There is a lot to say because It appears that I have become an exceptional liar and a somewhat vengeful individual.  More later on that.   People might think I'm wrong for what I did, but I just had to get him!  I just had to cuz you don't talk to me like I'm one of your damn birds!  Nah bruh.

More later.  More later.

In any case I'm here.  Let's get it cracking and back to the business of blogging.

Hello World!