Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Is This Thing On????

(taps the mic)

Is this thing on?

I saiddddddd, is this thing on? (pause)

(clears throat)

I'll begin by saying that I got a comment today asking where have I been and it made me feel good and bad at the same time. It's not that I haven't thought about the blog, it's just that I used to write more when I had this easy little desk job in Manhattan.  You know..."THAT JOB" that I didn't want to tell anyone that I had. After shyt went to the left at that place (which I consider a disguised blessing), I bounced and changed careers altogether.  Now I make almost 2.5 times more than that old job that I should not have been at six years anyway, but of course that means that it DEMANDS more time and I actually have to sit there and work.  just writing that disgusts me!  Work is always in the damn way.  Always, always, always.  It takes up all of my time!  It has gotten so bad that somebody had to send out a virtual blogger search party out to look for me.

But don't get me wrong, it ain't like I haven't tried to write on the blog.  I have all of these half baked drafts in my queue that I was once all excited to dazzle you with.  In fact I have been trying and trying to take a breather so that I could do more things that I enjoy doing like writing.  I even left my job in August to take a sabbatical for two months so that I COULD WRITE and do some entrepreneurial stuff, but no sooner than I left the job another recruiter came along and offered me more loot on another contract. Cha ching!   So just like Bugs Bunny I took the dangling carrot and ended the break a month early.  FOR MONEY.

And what was the result of making that decision?
I stacked more cash but my blog still looks like ass.  

"Yo, this blog looks like ass."

And get this!!!  All I do is write all day!  For other people.  ALL.DAMN. DAY.  But yet I couldn't write two sentences for my own shyt?  That's a damn shame.  I need to get my priorities in order, and working certainly ain't one of them.

So I have decided to make a pledge.  Even though my current load includes studying for a six hour test, working out, taking a Spanish class, "liking"shyt on Facebook to maintain relationships, and working my 2nd job as girlfriend to Trinidad (sigh) --- I need to breathe some life back into this blog. Maybe that's why I feel so overwhelmed?  Everything is just bottled up inside me and my fingers are itching to peck at the keyboard.

I hope I still have some Blogger friends too?  Special thanks to HeyItsJermaine for checking in and zapping me with that taser.   I'm awake now so thanks hunny.

Now let's see if I can deliver.  Or will I go back to sleep?  Place your bets people.

Please note:  If you see typos just know that my eyes are getting old mane!  I started this blog like forever ago and my eyes are not as KEEN as they used to be.  It's whack to even have to publish this statement but I might as well come clean with it.