Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 58: It's Always Something Isn't It?

Ok so the landlord sent me a text tonight saying he wants to talk to me. 

He sent me the same text about a month and a half ago and didn't do it, so now here he is two days before Thanksgiving and he is sending it again. 

Have you no heart?

It must be about kicking me out or the stuff I have on the porch that he has been bitching for YEARS about.  It's dumb because its stuff that ain't bothering nobody.  It's cat litter bags and old magazines - shyt like that.  Hell, I pay my rent every month and I am not behind, but ever since this damn landlord's relative moved in downstairs she complains to the landlord about dumb shyt.  I will never live in a privately owned home again if I can help it.  I seem to have turned into a dumb ass since these landlord's relatives have moved in.  It has come to where I don't even say much anymore about problems in the apartment, including the fact that the heat is not on almost everyday.  Like right now.  Cold as hell in here.  I just write the dates the heat was off down on my little pad to use as a bargaining chip in case I need it.  Credit report is getting all f'd up because of them fuccas at Advanta so if someone wants to pull my credit report for a new apartment I may not get it.  I'm telling you, this bankruptcy thing is a beoch!

See I worry too much.  It's consuming my thoughts and I don't even know what the landlord wants yet.  Sheesh.

On a happier note, check this out!


Now some might say, how in the hell did she afford this and she is claiming to be broke?  Credit can get you ANYTHING?  How you think I racked up $90K in debt?  My credit is not real messed up yet and I figured let me get this ride before I won't be able to get shyt.  Feel me?

So yeah.... I'm the brokest 40 year old with the baddest new ride!! 


(That's Frankie, Keyshia Cole's mom.)

It was a 'man down situation'
and I just HAD to get this car!

*And yes, I'm gonna pay for it and no they won't take it in the bankruptcy.  And no, my credit is not blown up over cars and clothes.  I had a business and that's where it all came from.  I've been driving the same hoopty for 7 years now. 

Ooh, I need to peanut proof this bad boy before Peanut Polly finds out I have a new car and puts peanuts in the gas tank again. 

Like I said in the title of this post, it's always something isn't it?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Countdown to the BIG 40

Ok I have 18 minutes left as a 30 something woman.  I'm feeling rushed right now to do something meaningful before I am crowned as an official 40 year old.

What should I do?  What should I do?

16 minutes left.  Sanford and Son on the TV in background.  Gotta turn it off to concentrate.

11 minutes left.  Ok I went thru each year of my 30s in my mind really quick.  Damn what a decade it has been.  For real.  I'll put that detail on another post because there's no time to get into that right now.

Nine minutes left.  My manager gave me a $100 Visa card for my birthday today!!!  That was nice to get that money in the last few hours of being in my 30s.

8 minutes left.  About to take a sip of some mango flavored vodka.  WTF happened with bartending anyways....

7 minutes...I toasted to my 30s which will soon be only seen in the rear view mirror of my mind.  Did I become more of a beoch this past decade?  It seems that I am always at odds with someone.   I gotta check into that.

The vodka kinda burned my throat a little.  I'm such a wuss sometimes.  LOL.

Five minutes... Petted my cat's head and he put his paw lovingly on my arm.  My suga bear.  I'm telling you this cat has been my ride or die homie for all of this time.  Animals give unconditional love. 

One minute...hell I just thought...I did a lot in my 30s.  A helluva lot.  I took my lumps and hopefully became a better woman because of it.  Including going bankrupt.'s here.

OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. OMG. Shaking my head. 

40 years old.  I didn't want a regular life, but it looks like that's what I have.  I was supposed to be in a better place at this age, but it seems as if I will be starting over instead.  Maybe that is something to look forward to?  Starting over?  I was supposed to be a lot farther ahead in the life game right now. 

I just looked at my face, skin, arm, gut, butt.  Hints of smile lines, and there goes that gray hair in my eyebrow again.  My booty is kinda flat too.  So is this how 40 is supposed to look?  I mean how is it supposed to feel?  Has the time passed where I can make long term goals now?  Will I ever have a child?  Will I ever get my business open again?  Will I ever find out who robbed me?  Will I ever get to punch Peanut Polly in her f'n face for putting those peanuts in my gas tank?  Will I win my court case against the people who helped contribute to the closure of my business?

Sounds like my 40s will be pretty much about cleaning up the mess made during my 30s.  Not something to look forward to but then may not be so bad.  Hell it could be worse.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 37: One Less Man To Pick Up After...

Got home tonight and the roomie bounced!

No note. No email. Just left the keys on the counter.

It was coming to a head, and I knew that he would leave, but dayum! But he paid me my rent in cash and I'm keeping his security deposit.

It's for the best. I was cleaning up after him just this morning. Hair, hair everywhere. He was the oldest roomie that I had and the nastiest. I told my therapist that people say, "Aw he's a guy. They are just like that." She was like, "That's not an excuse! So do I get to be a bitch every month because I get a period.  Do I get a pass for that?  Cleanliness has nothing to do with gender." 

Whomp! There it is!

So I think that's it for the roomie thing for me. After this bankruptcy thing I am gonna try to move. Tired of this lame ass house too and this fake ass, wanna be landlord neighbor living downstairs. Milk Duds are lurking behind the walls and paint chipping because the landlord won't paint. I need the help with the rent, but I can't do it anymore! I will now have to cover the entire $1350 for rent and pay all the bills. And watch, my light bill is gonna be sky high now that I have no one to split it with.  The rent is almost an entire paycheck for me right now. Damn.

But I am celebrating a little bit, and singing that old 70s tune from the Fifth Dimension. My fave part..."one less man, to pick up after! I should be happy, but all I do is cry, cry, no more laughter..."

Not me though. I'm laughing all the way to the bank on this one.