Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12,775 Day Rewind

Another year gone.  Another New Year's Party.  Later on....

But what's more important to me today is reflection.  And to sit still and think about the hits and misses of past 365 days.  So as I began to do my annual ritual, strangely my mind went further back.  Waaaayyyy back.  Like 12,775 days back.

I remembered jumping Double Dutch in the streets and stopping mid jump to let the cars the last minute of course.

I also remembered jumping in unison with as many as could fit inside the clothes line bought at the corner store.  As we sang as loud as we could!
"All in together, any kind of weather, I see the teacher, lookin' out the window, ding dong, the fire bell!!!"
I remembered Playing softball, touch football, and hide and go night! (Which was a really big deal.)
Playing jacks on the porch,
Drawing Hopscotch boxes on the sidewalk, and playing dodgeball.
Swinging on swings.  
Ponytails blowing in the wind as I rode my purple bike down asphalt hills.   Breeze whipping across my face.
Patty cakes and roller skates, slip n slide, and skate boards.  Plastic water guns that held about 1/2 cup of water....if that.  But no one seemed to mind because it was enough to hit your target.
"Mother May I", "Simon Says", and break dancing!
And a game simply called "IT".  And whatever "IT" was you ran like a fool trying to get as far away as you could.
It really was a wonderful life in those days.
And even though I am taking another step away from "those days" tonight, this morning I just felt like taking a few steps backward.  Because going backward is not always a bad thing.

December 31, 2014