Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Friend Turns Into Foe?

It's funny how a man can come between friends. 

Instead of being mad at the dude for his "ideals" and his "fuckery", your girl gets salty at YOU and cuts YOU off because that's its a way of convincing themselves that they are taking ACTION.  Frankly any ACTION taken should involve dude, not your damn friend that's been riding with you way before he walked onto the set.  Someone usually gets cut off, but is it the person that was the source of their whole misery?  Nope.  It's the easy targets that get the cold shoulder.  The friend that will probably forgive and forget will get the ax because they know you "will take them back" when it's all over.  So because they aren't quite sure if their boo-thang will do the same, they ride that crazy train until the wheels fall off, all the while saying "I need to focus on me" when really they are focusing on HIM.  They lick his azz and cheer him on, trying to everything they can to stay on his good side.  What "side' they are on with you don't matter anymore. 

I tell you dyck is like a damn drug. 

It can make us irrational, lose weight, lose sleep, and lose those in your corner.   All at the same time. 

I know because I have been there. 

And for what?  Why do we do these things? 

For a fairy tale? Yep a muthafuccin fairy tale that we create in our own minds when in real life dude is nothing but a damn nightmare.  

Yep, dyck is a drug.

I say that because isn't it funny how all of sudden you become the one that's getting on their nerves? They ain't got time to hear about anything that's going on with you and they get annoyed when you talk about 'your stuff'.  Notice how they don't even ask anymore what's going with your life.  That's because....

Dyck is a drug.

Before it was dude that was not making sense and talking crazy - now it's you that becomes the one that ain't making sense and talking crazy.  Yep!  Now something is wrong with you?  When the tide shifts this way, you might as well stop trying because...

Dyck is a drug.

I've learned that any "friend"  that's shifted the "problem" as being you instead of him is probably too far gone to save.   There is nothing you can tell that person.  If you speak too frankly to them about dude you're hatin'.  If you don't say enough then you don't care enough and are selfish.  They somehow try to bring the things that you have told them about yourself to rationalize whatever they're doing.  It's hopeless.  You just gotta let them ride that wave and pray that it is worth the sacrifices that they have made to keep that dude by their side. 

Because dyck is a drug...You become unnecessary. 

U.NECES.SARY.  Even if your friend won't admit that to you, that's probably what it really is. 


"You're gettin' in the way....of what I'm feelin."  

So if you are in "dyck's way" ...ahem I meant "love's way" , then just move.  Just get out of the way and be done with it.  And maybe then I...I mean YOU can stop asking yourself what in the hell happened to your friend.

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  1. Man, i am too young and too old to deal with that kinda mess lol. Some people (male AND female...but mostly female) don't know how to act at all when they get a boo-thang.