Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 58: It's Always Something Isn't It?

Ok so the landlord sent me a text tonight saying he wants to talk to me. 

He sent me the same text about a month and a half ago and didn't do it, so now here he is two days before Thanksgiving and he is sending it again. 

Have you no heart?

It must be about kicking me out or the stuff I have on the porch that he has been bitching for YEARS about.  It's dumb because its stuff that ain't bothering nobody.  It's cat litter bags and old magazines - shyt like that.  Hell, I pay my rent every month and I am not behind, but ever since this damn landlord's relative moved in downstairs she complains to the landlord about dumb shyt.  I will never live in a privately owned home again if I can help it.  I seem to have turned into a dumb ass since these landlord's relatives have moved in.  It has come to where I don't even say much anymore about problems in the apartment, including the fact that the heat is not on almost everyday.  Like right now.  Cold as hell in here.  I just write the dates the heat was off down on my little pad to use as a bargaining chip in case I need it.  Credit report is getting all f'd up because of them fuccas at Advanta so if someone wants to pull my credit report for a new apartment I may not get it.  I'm telling you, this bankruptcy thing is a beoch!

See I worry too much.  It's consuming my thoughts and I don't even know what the landlord wants yet.  Sheesh.

On a happier note, check this out!


Now some might say, how in the hell did she afford this and she is claiming to be broke?  Credit can get you ANYTHING?  How you think I racked up $90K in debt?  My credit is not real messed up yet and I figured let me get this ride before I won't be able to get shyt.  Feel me?

So yeah.... I'm the brokest 40 year old with the baddest new ride!! 


(That's Frankie, Keyshia Cole's mom.)

It was a 'man down situation'
and I just HAD to get this car!

*And yes, I'm gonna pay for it and no they won't take it in the bankruptcy.  And no, my credit is not blown up over cars and clothes.  I had a business and that's where it all came from.  I've been driving the same hoopty for 7 years now. 

Ooh, I need to peanut proof this bad boy before Peanut Polly finds out I have a new car and puts peanuts in the gas tank again. 

Like I said in the title of this post, it's always something isn't it?

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