Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day 72: I'd Like To Fly Far Away....

That's a line from the Commodores classic "Zoom".  I am feeling overwhelmed today.

My pre-trial hearing got postponed because THE OTHER side claims the were going to be tied up.  So now I have to wait for another date.  Hopefully justice will come in 2010 about these people taking my rent money on the new space I had picked to move my business.  It was a big mess and my business closed because of the whole damn thing. 

Ok I posted that my landlord said he wanted to talk to me right before Thanksgiving.   Didn't hear from him.  A week later he finally calls me and tells me that he is selling the house.  But guess who he is selling it to?  The beotch relative that lives downstairs!  Yeah the one who told the landlord I was using the free washing machine too much ( damn lie).  So instead of asking me about it, don't you know that this dumb ass landlord believed her and told her that he was putting coin machines in.  So the heifer got happy and then proceeded to take my wet clothes out of the machine, put the washer in her apartment, and unhooked the dryer and left my stuff in a wet pile on a table!  My mouth dropped when I came home from work that day and found them like that.  Then when I asked him about it he says, "Oh we were planning to change out the machines but we didn't know it would happen that fast."  Ok if you were planning on doing this then why didn't you say something to me so that I wouldn't wash anymore?  He had nothing to say to that and didn't even apologize either.  They were just trying to be slick that's all.  Needless to say I refused to give them another dime for their machines, and I started taking my stuff to the Latino laundromat.  Hell I'll just wash with Juan and Maria and them and fold my clothes in peace.

Now here we go again with this woman affecting my living situation.  He tells me that the house is too much for him to take care of, and that she is gonna buy it from him and wants my apartment because her son might want to move there.  (Quite convenient sale isn't?  Don't believe it)  I mean she wants to be the queen of this broke ass house sooo bad.  For six years I have paid rent on in this place.  She has only lived there for three.  But ever since she moved in she has been a damn tattletale ever since.  I am barely there and probably make minimal noise anyway.  In fact, SHE is the one making the noise with this squawking, loud ass bird she got this past summer.  It is unbelievably annoying.  I guess she is missing Costa Rica or Colombia or wherever that heifer is from.  She lives with her little man friend, and neither one of their Lucy and Ricky Ricardo asses even speak English.  Neva saw two more country ass Latinos in all my life.

So he is giving me until the end of February to move.  So guess what?

I put a stop payment on my rent check. 

You ain't giving me nothing, and I ain't giving you the rent.  Hell I need that money to move so use the security deposit.  It is winter and in February it will still be winter so moving will still be a bitch  too.  Then it's the holiday and I have to stress over gathering up security deposit funds, worrying about my credit checking out (it is in the tank OMG), moving costs, packing, utility hook ups, etc.  I mean I battled it in my mind about doing the stop payment on my rent check, but I gotta handle my business.  I mean I could sit there and not pay any rent for months and they will just have to kick me out? I thought about doing that too, but the situation might be too stressing for me because I worry too much as it is.

So I told the therapist about it the other day and she asked me how I felt.  I struggled to find the words at first.  Speechless.  I told her that I feel like I'm being thrown away like garbage.  "We don't want you here."  "My aunt doesn't want you here."  I always paid my rent.  I lived with strangers, both men and women, to try to cover that rent because I knew that I didn't have the funds to pick up and move.  Then to ask me to go in winter is f'd up.  My therapist said that when you live in private houses the mentality of owners and especially relatives that live in the house is that they are higher than you.  There is some truth to that, but the tenant is not regarded fairly or treated fairly.  There are rules like the tenant can't go in the basement; the tenant can't go in the backyard; all you hear is about what you can't do and what they won't do.  I mean the wet clothes thing was just one of a few incidents that occurred in the house anyway.  I have wanted to leave for a long time, but on my terms you know?

So like MJ sings, "This is it."

They had a tenant who paid the rent for years, but I'll give them a lil' taste of what's its like when  a tenant doesn't pay.  If it wasn't for the bankruptcy thing I wouldn't have done this though.  But since I am filing, so what?  And although I'm looking and may sign a lease on a place soon, I'm gonna take my molasses ass time moving out.  Yep.  But you know what is a trip?  The dumb landlord doesn't even have a copy of the keys!!!!  Why?  Because when someone picked the lock and tried to break into my apartment in 2008 he wouldn't come to change the lock.  I begged and begged but he wouldn't do it.  So I had to get a friend to do it like a week later.  See what I mean?  They treated me like a dog.

So I'm like this, take ya ass to the eviction court and get the state to kick me out, and the heifer's son can just sit and wait on me dammit.  Hell by the time that process will  be done it will be spring anyway and I will be long gone with all my rent in my pockets.  I'm sounding bitter as hell, but that's just how I feel right now.

But I'll be cool.  It was time to go.  Can't wait until I find my new spot.  I'm working on it - hard.


  1. I am reading your blog from beginning to end. I hope things work out for you actually I am certain you will see sunnier skies. Guess I gotta read to find out. You are so bold and fearless -- in time life will work itself out so just keep on.

  2. Wow thanks! This post was one of the early ones, and it never got a comment. Thank you for reading the blog. I hope it's somewhat interesting to u. I hope u don't think I'm crazeeeee.