Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kick Me

Yeah I know.  I'm falling off my game.

Man, this month has been kicking my azz! 

Out of nowhere my clients for the side biz were on me for this and that, 

Then I was trying to manage this new dude I was kicking with,

Then I am trying to sell out this crap I have in storage shyt from my closed business,

Then I had the IRS audit,

Then I'm doing mystery shopping,

And then finding time to get my weekly dose of Shallow Hal's drama...I am just swamped.  I am doing waayyy too much and it's sickening. 

I think I can pull something off this Saturday though.  Probably just gonna resume the Shallow Hal story cuz that fool is just ridiculous. 

Miss C was talking about killing herself and the babies.  Geezus.  Shyt is so bad.  So bad.

But my own life is a trip on it's own that I can't even focus on his azz right now.  I think I have a problem saying no to stuff, and just add to my plate knowing FULL WELL I don't have time.

My apartment looks like hell.  Car ain't been washed.  Finally washed clothes Sunday that ain't been washed since the end of April.  Now let's see how long it will take me to fold them up and put them away.  LOL. 

I'll go for days with no sheets on the damn bed,  so then I'll sleep on the couch and then wake up with my neck and shoulders all f*cked up.

Maybe if I write about it I'll fix the situation and slow down. 

For starters, I'm gonna get a massage after work before I go bartend tonight.  My neck is killing me. 


  1. I've been coming to your blog daily to see if there were any updates. Slow down girl! LOL

  2. Next week I'll get the chance on the holiday. Not until then it seems. One more week until I get a little reprieve.


  3. One blogger to another I know the plight. I know the plight

    1. And I thank you for understanding that plight Theory!

  4. Glad to see you back :) And yeah, what they said. You need to slow down... You've only got one you, ma'am.

    PS: kudos on business picking up!

  5. Oh god, I know what you mean with the time thing. There was a time a few months ago that I washed the sheets and never put them back on the bed. Just slept on the blanket with another blanket over me. I put the clothes in the dryer and then just lived out of the dryer for another month. The problem is, once you start doing stuff like that, it's sooo easy to just let it pile on and get worse. Take a breath. Give yourself one day to just knock it all out at once and you'll feel better. I find that once I let my place gets all cluttered like that, my mind gets cluttered, and then it turns into a vicious cycle.

  6. Lmao Im so glad to know that I'm not the only reggin that will wash sheets and then settle for the couch cuz im too lazy to make the bed!