Thursday, July 26, 2012

How is it possible....

That in a city of millions,
On the busiest street in NYC,
I see you this morning. 
Riding up the escalator out of the subway. 

Bright shirt.
That mint, oceany-blue collared shirt caught my eye I guess.  I always look at the bruhs in the collared shirts.
But this time I looked at the wrong one.

You didn't see me.  I looked twice to be sure.  But it was definitely you.
That mouth.  That gray in your goatee.  It was you.

I blocked you from my phone.  From my email.  Everything. 
But I can't block you in this huge damn town?

I just want to forget you.
But you appear. 
In a city of millions.  At the busiest subway stop in Manhattan.  In the morning rush hour.
Usually everyone is a blur.  I look at very few people.
But that goddamn shirt made me look.
Why was yo' azz was in that pretty, bright shirt?
Reminding me of all the f*cked up shyt you did.
Reminding me of all the f*cked up shyt you said.
Reminding me. 
Ruining the swagger I had going in the new Calvin Klein dress I bought yesterday.
You wrecked my flow.


No matter how mint-y looking your shirt is,
Or how well groomed your hair was,
Or how crispy the creases in your pants were...

I know what's inside.

You're still a monster.

And I hate that I saw you today.


  1. smh i keep thinking that im gonna have this moment with my ex. its been about 4 years since ive seen him, but everytime im back in my hometown, i think that i might run into him. everytime that i see someone who i think might be him, i start to mildly hyperventilate. i just hope that when we do run into each other, i look SUPER good and im with someone.

  2. This spoke to me in volumes! I know how you feel love. Take a deep breath and feel relieved in knowing that monster is no longer the villain in your life. He can terrorize someone else.