Monday, August 6, 2012

UPDATE: Should I Make That Call?


Well the call was made.  Actually...a 'friend' made it because I was gonna send a fax.  Why?  Because sometimes...sometimes...when they hear your voice they don't take you seriously.  They wanna quiz you and minimize what you are saying.  Ya dig? "friend" said she would call.  She told them everything that I told her.  She told them about the guns and the hallucinations.  Anonymously.

So did anything happen...nope.  Not yet anyway.  I expected that after reading some comments on the original post and some other things I saw on the web.  It actually might be my uncle that will get the cops over there all on his own anwyays.  My cousin told me that he had been calling the cops himself telling them there were people in the house.  He called twice that night he shot that pistol in the chimney.  The cops asked my cuz was he taking his meds or whatever, but they told her that if he keeps calling them that they might take him to the psych ward.  Now with the call being made maybe they will do just that if he calls them with his craziness again.

They did finally have that appointment with the doctor tha he had been seeing.  Doc said he is losing his memory, but it was a mild case of it?  Not Alzheimer's but another kind of memory loss that occurs in aging people.  She sounded relieved, like she finally had an explanation for the crazy shyt.  Ok that's fine and good cuz, but what about the fact that he has three guns???  That man ain't forgettin' that he has them damn guns I bet.  He will forget everything else but not that!!!  Her reaction bothered the shyt out of me.  When she told me about the memory loss I wanted to say,

"WELL SHYT I'M LOSING MY MEMORY TOO DAMMIT!  But I ain't walking around talking about radio waves being transmitted in my house by terrorists!  Nor am I walking around with a gun!  So what he is losing his memory.  What about his dangerous behavior?" 

But I didn't say it.  She is going thru it and I am trying hard to be sympathetic to that.  I  just sat there and listened and kept my mouth shut.  Jaw tight and annoyed.  She went on to say that the doc "might prescribe meds and Dad seemed to be onboard."  Yawn.

So again...nothing from them.  No real action taken.  They just gonna wait on these wonder pills to fix my uncle's head  I guess.  What kills me is that they never told the doc about him having the gun, because they know if they had then he would be in the hospital now.  It is annoying that they are not telling the doctor because they are interfering with him getting the help that he needs.  They are so busy worrying about help being locked up for the gun.  I called the mental health hotline in their state after I hung up with her.  The woman told me that they would not lock him up for the gun if he is "sick".  Even with his felony conviction, his mental status would override the criminal part of things...until he did something of course.  For now though, he would be okay if they committed him and told them that he had a gun.  When I hung up I was even more pissed.  I asked myself why my cousin couldn't make that simple fkn call like I just made?  It's just dumb.  The whole thing is just dumb. 

Anyway...the call got placed from my end.  What else can I do?  And I confess, I actually smiled to myself.  I felt weird about feeling that way about the call being made, but I honestly did smile to myself after my 'friend' told me she called.  I guess I felt relieved that I had tried to do something.  I bet that my cousin would feel the same way too. 

Now it's on the cops.  Whether or not the cops do anything it's on them.  So with that being wiI moved on.  Until yesterday....

It was out of my mind until I heard about that shooting that happened this weekend in Wisconsin.  I cringed.  My uncle lives in that area.  He was talking about Middle Eastern men trying to get in his house.  I was like, "Damn, I hope that is not my uncle."

I hurried to scan the news stories and when I saw that it was a White guy I exhaled.  I mean the situation was still bad whoever did it or whatever color he was, but at least I knew it wasn't my uncle. 

So that's it for now.  If I hear something else I'll have the cops called again.  It's not over just because I made that one call.  I know that.  It all depends on what I hear, though I'm not sure how much my cousin will tell me now.  She has been staying with her kids at her mom's house lately.  And she can hear it in my voice that I ain't cosigning what she is doing.  She texted me Monday asking what to say to him because she had found two of the guns and had moved them.  He was badgering her about whether she let someone in the house or not:

Cuz:  "My dad keeps asking me who I let in the house or/and believes I have the guns, what would you respond?"

Me:  "Is he really amped up?"

Cuz:  "Yep.  And he has one more and said he thinks he has a shot gun and a be be gun at the office but couldn't remember."

Me:  "U asked him about the other guns or he just volunteered that info?"

Cuz: "He volunteered.  How would you respond?"

Me:  "Well first why u think he volunteered that?"

Cuz: "I don't know!  But he did used to have one in his office a long time ago."

Me:"  All I can say is call the doctor because they already told you to take him to the county.  If he is amped up there is nothing you can say to him that will ease his mind now. 

Maybe the doc can tell you what to say because cuz I have been saying for days what needs to happend to get him some help.  That attorney meant well but he is not a mental health doctor.  Besides telling him that you took them for everyone's safety I don't know what else you can say. 

Or ask the attorney since it was his big idea to wait five days for the doctor appointment."

Cuz:  "  I thought about telling him that my gun is gone too...reverse psychology."

Me:  "How so?"

Cuz:  "If only his gun was gone and not mine, a thief would have found mine too."

Me: "And knowing a thief took it will calm his nerves?"

Cuz:  "Sarcasm!  Remember he's delusional.  He thinks people are and have been coming in the house for years.  It's not about calming his nerves, he's never calm."

Me:  "I dunno cuz.  I think would just feed into his delusional mind....
"U just let me know when you are ready to make the call.  Besides that, I don't know what to do with someone in that condition.  None of us do."

And then there was silence.

Why you asking me what to tell your mentally ill pops?  You ain't been listening to me so I ain't got shyt else to say on it.  What the fluck?  Cuz needs to be asking the doctor and not me or that damn attorney.  That's why I said what I said.  Ask the expert.  Or let me know when you want to make the call.  That's pretty much it.  I can't advise her except to suggest that he get professional help.

Anyways....we will see.  I just hope it doesn't blow up in their faces.

** Big hug to those of you who shared your opinions and stories.  That helped a LOT!


  1. I'm glad you made the call,, that at least gets the ball rolling. As far as your cousin I think she's in denial more than her dad. I would warn her she needs to be less worried about the county and more worried about the state... If the state gets involved there is nothing she, the attorney, or that doctor can do....Trust me I know this dealing with my grandparents... I hope she starts to listen...

  2. So I was doing research and thought this might be of interest to you. If he has firearms in his possession and he is considered mentally unstable there might be a way to at least, remove the firearms in his home. Under state law a firearm can not be issues to a mentally unstable individual. Now that applies to the state that I live in but if you check his state laws it might apply there also. It's something that you could look into at least to feel a but more safe and peace of mind.

  3. Hey Lavender! Thanks for this info. I will check for the state of Wisconsin. Now the issue is....he is not supposed to have the gun anyway. It was never 'issued' to him. Apparently he has some 30-40 year old felony conviction so he can't legally buy a gun. See? So that's the issue with not telling the cops. He is not supposed to have it anyways. But like I said I called the mental health hotline and they won't hold that against him if he is mentally unstable. I texted my cuz the other day about him and she was talking about other shyt, so I guess things have been quiet with him? Or maybe they haven't been and she ain't telling me.

  4. I really hope he gets the help that he needs and that those guns get taken away from him. I worry for your family near him with the gun issue.