Friday, February 12, 2010

From my phone: Ok this is it! This is my last night in this apt. I don't know if I am thrilled about my new spot, in fact I know I'm not. But this is how it goes with me. Its always something. I saw Hot Chocolate today. Blew him a kiss. He smiled. Told me how he had a bump on his breast and went to the emergency room bc he thought he had breast cancer. Ok, I gotta chuckle a little on that, but u gotta give him credit for not ignoring it. When he asked me to touch it, it felt like a pimple. A pimple right on his nipple. Lol. Anyway he told how the asian nurse was squeezing on him and asked him if some girl bit him! Lol. Then asked him to come back and felt him up some more. I'm telling u these asian women like his azz. Well like I said, he can do what he wants with that....just gimme mine.

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