Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The libido is like up there okay. Got me some 'hot chocolate' last week. Told him I needed him to relieve my stress. And did I mention my bankruptcy hearing? The place was packed with folks...young, old, and of almost every race. I sat worried while I wondered what would this guy ask me? I watched others sit thru the convos and the average time they sat with him was like 5 mins. He just asking general, why are you filing, does anybody owe you...So in my mind I started practicing my answers. Didn't want to get all cotton mouth when it was my time. So he calls me up. 'Hi Ms. DOABW' (acronym for diary of a broke ass woman). Very pleasant?! He didn't even ask me what happened to my business. Just something like, 'have you used your credit cards? 'No' but to be honest I couldn't remember. Then he was like..'Good luck' and that was that. But of course it aint over until I get my ltr

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