Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ok I'm on my way out of town for work and I wanna see if this mobile blogging works. Sitting eating this dry sandwich from subway. Be warned, the honey oat bread is not the bizness. So I think I'm gonna go ahead and rent the tiny spot with all the distant view of nyc. I was scared about it and asked to see it again to check for milk duds. The agent showed me like 8 spots and in damn near all of them I saw milk duds or traps or sumthing. I even opened the fridge in one apt and a roach was crawling inside! For real. I cannot hang with that at all! Today I also received confirmation that the landlord sent me security deposit back. Good cuz we were about to go on a crazy ride...sponsored by me of course. I'm sad to pack, but ecstatic to get away from these lame azzes. I hate when people think they are the Wizard of Oz when they are your landlord. For some reason they think that because you rent that u are beneath them or something. Man they didn't know me because I truly will go after you if you try to do me dirty. Anyhow, my drama with them will be over soon I hope. I can't wait to see if this posted on my site!

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  1. I luv the way you turn a phrase! And you open your comments up - you just never know who may be reading it could be that editor u know.

    "Good cuz we were about to go on a crazy ride...sponsored by me of course."