Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day #401: Birthday Eve

Damn is it November again already?  My birthday is tomorrow. 

It's been hard for me to think about what to blog about because my mind has been distracted.  I have been buying tons of shoes and wigs off the internet and it's not making any sense.  And then I put on the shoes and they are hurting and giving me blisters and shyt after I just fixed my damn toes last April!  Hate that about new shoes.  I told the therapist about it the other day, and I think she wanted to laugh when I told her that I was buying all of these damn wigs.  I think she was waiting for me to laugh, but I didn't so she didn't.  LOL.  Then she told me that I have been thru a lot over the past few years (roommate shyt, landlord shyt, business shyt, lawyer shyt, bankruptcy shyt, dude farting in my cube shyt) and that this shopping thing might be some sort of release for me. 

And then he said the "L" word...

Pretty Brown got my head all f*ckd up now.  Yeah I know, I know. I said I dropped him about two weeks ago.  But that only lasted about six days.  He is still all over the place and not really available, but his words have me caught up.  And then he said the "L" word again.  Yep he did.  Usually I cringe when a dude tells me that, but not this time.  Do I believe him?  Maybe.  Actions speak louder than words.  I didn't say it back though - well I kinda didn't say it back.  This madness with his schedule is an issue that is not going away, and I don't care how sugary sweet his words are.  I must really like him though cuz I'm even thinking about letting him see my real hair this weekend (after I flat iron out all of the curly fries of course).  That's a big step if I'm thinking about a nucca seeing my REAL hair.  Should I tell him that?  LOL.  Nah.

In other news...
  • Farts and Boogers finally got fired last week.  Fresh air is finally back in my cubicle unless I sit here and fart myself.  (wink)
  • That side d*ck that I got last week was not good at all.  When he was done he went into the bathroom and I hurried up and pulled out my toy to finish the job.  In less than two minutes I was good.  I was trying to be quiet but he heard me!  "Are you allright?".  "Um,  yeah.  Just trying to get myself off real quick."  Yep, I was real about it.  I saw his speechless silhouette standing in the doorway, and then I turned over and snuggled up to my pillow smiling.  I should have just done that in the first place anyways.  Skrait up.
  • I wore three different wigs in the same week.  That's a personal record - and also a sign of shameless vanity.  I guess my inner "Regine from Living Single" has been coming out lately.  But it's kinda cool to be long and silky on Monday and short and sassy on Saturday.  It's like I'm a different girl and I figure dudes would like that.  I remember I had this blue Lil' Kim style wig back in the 90s and this boyfriend I had always would ask me to put it on during sex.  He loved seeing me in that thing.  Maybe he was imaging I was Lil' Kim?  Hmmm...never thought about until now.

  • I'm really starting to have an issue with Asian chicks too.  Well maybe not an 'issue' but I have taken more notice to them, that's for sure.  Ever since Hot Chocolate told me he didn't want a Black girl and only wanted an Asian chick I have been BURNT UP about the subject.  I find myself looking at them on the street and wondering why the f*ck guys think these chicks are so much better.  It's like you hardly ever see them with another Asian guy to be honest.  Think about it.  It's always some 'other' race that they are always with.  I'll save my rant on that issue for another post.  Not gonna get into it right now.

  • I have to decide what I am going to do about reopening my business.  I am giving myself a deadline of May 2011.  The hold up is money though.  I need serious paper to get that up and running again.

  • I think I'm gonna volunteer at a funeral home to see if I want to go to morturary school next summer.  I have been trying hard to think of a recession proof business, and hallelujah I think I have found it!  A friend hooked me up with a guy whose uncle owns a funeral home (the guy sounded sexy as hell on the phone too).  Anyway, I am gonna give him a call today and see what he will let me do at the funeral home.  Let's hope I can get the chance to observe how the business runs and to see if it is for me.  I hope I have the tolerance for it!  If I do that just might be my next endeavor.  Shyt we all have to die - bad economy or not.  I mean seriously, how many funeral homes close for lack of business.  Not many I bet.

  • Made the mistake and gave this chump my number about three weeks ago.  Called me and I didn't remember who he was and I thought he was an old friend from years ago to be honest.  Then all of a sudden, he starts masturbating on the phone!  No lie.  Breathing all heavy and everything.  I just humored him at first but after the third time he called I realized that it was NOT my old friend after all!  Dayum! I immediately shut him down.  I know.  I should have done that to begin with whether he was a friend or not.  Sigh.  I'm a little off sometimes myself.

So back to the birthday for now.  It's about nine hours away.  Gonna be bartending tonight so maybe the folks in the bar will sing a song to me at midnight??  We'll see how many of these fools who swore they were gonna take me out or get me something for my bday actually come thru.  But on second thought, I hope they don't come through.   I just want them to prove themselves to be the lames that I already suspect them to be.  It will make my job at lot easier.

And so the countdown begins...

T-minus 8 hours...


  1. Just read your post after the side e-mail didn't mean to shake you :) Anyway I've got tomorrow off so HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance and I wish you many more. Today's post was funny as hell will comment later!!

  2. Well happy birthday missy! I hope you enjoy...

    Now on to the fuckery... you buying shoes and wigs and didnt offer anything to me? Oh, ok.

    asian chicks arent really a hot commodity here so I cant say that Ive noticed Su-Chin Pak with Tyrone but... Im not really understanding why ole boy would give up on Brown Sugar for some ole Yat Gaw Mein??? if they like it, I love it.

    aaaand because what i said was so ignorant (you do that to me) im going to just end this comment before i say something else that will insult an entire race.

  3. Hey Khaki...

    Thanks for the bday wish. Allright shame on me for not thinking of my blog pals when shopping for my Ws. Next time girl. Next time. :)

    Yeah as for dude wanting the Asian chick, I think I blogged about that a while back but its time for a revisit on that damn subject. I guess he REALLY touched a nerve when he told me that. It's like my Asian Chick Radar is on 'sensitive' cuz I think I damn near look at almost every one that walks by. And talking not saying or thinking something to offend? Exactly.

    But my fingers are itching to type on the subject. It's just a matter of time.

    (ok so why is my jaw so tight while I'm typing this?)

    But LOL at your Su-Chin and Yat Gaw Mein! Leave it to you to bring some colorful descriptions on a subject. You never disappoint!


  4. Happy B-day!!!!!! I hope your day is GREAT!!!

    I'm crackin up at Khaki's descriptions too I
    have nothing to top that LOL! I can't wait for your post about the asian chicks. That ish is rampant here too! Ummm shoes and wigs??? Okay

    Yeah sounds like you LIKE dude if you showing him the real hair! LOL! He better recognize he special!

  5. Hey Gorgeous!

    Thanks for checking in and sending the bday wish.

    Yeah the shoes and the hair thing is exciting. All the different styles...

    Ah...things only an addict would understand. I'm in rehab right now. :)

  6. Happy Birthday lady! I grew up in an area where interracial dating was the norm so I'm not phased by it. I went through my stage of dating every type of chick under the rainbow but since college I've only dated black women. There is always something unusual about a person who won't date a woman who looks like their momma.

  7. "then all of a sudden he starts masturbating on the phone" #dead

    happy bday

  8. Actually jb...Hot Chocolate (Black dude) and Farts and Boogers (White dude) did want Asian for the rest of their lives. I heard how they praised them and talked about them. Farts and Boogers would get excited just saying the chick's name (which was Dong Joon). I did note some interesting things about the characters of these two fellas, and when I researched the topic they fit the M.O. for a dude craving Asian. I'll post on it soon I think.

    Look at Wesley's face in that picture. It's like he hit the damn lotto with his woman beating azz.

    I guess my thing is not about tolerance. I have that. I dated a Mexican man for years and I loved him very much. But I didn't like him because he was Mexican - that's the point I'm trying to make. I liked him cuz he was cute and nice to me and we had fun together. That often is not the case as in Hot Chocolate, and what made it worse was that he denounced Black chicks at the same time. Now would you call that tolerance?

  9. Hey Ya'll
    Just keep in mind dating and marrying are two different things. Can you all say forbidden fruit whether white/asian/in those rare cases woman on woman/ but I do draw the line with man on man. However who among us has not tried sushi after a lifetime of fried chicken. That don't mean they want raw fish for the rest of their lives - but we would die if we couldn't have fried chicken again :) My friends what happened to all that tolerance???????

  10. Point well taken. As you well know as a race we still have those that self hate.
    Another possibility is that if you hook up with the wrong sista it can ruin you for life! I hate generalizations but remember that brother that was getting a regular beat down from his baby momma - now one could say he is just a puzzy but there are some hard edged woman out there. One of the reasons I dropped my Facebook account was all the female friends and relatives hate'n on brothers. If something didn't go right they were slamming them on FB and then the chorus of like minded woman streamed in. I said to them at one point that some of the older sistas shouldn't be so quick to condone the total destruction of the bro in question. But most projected their issues on that situation. I can't speak about all the female race but I would be curious to know if the beat downs are as fierce. What do you think???
    PS: Wesley is a whole nother universe!!

  11. So I'm a bad Blogger friend.....Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you enjoyed it!

    P.S. You could throw some of those shoes my way....I'm currently having withdrawals.

  12. Happy belated my friend! Rotflmbo @ khaki!
    I don't understand the fascination with asian\latin\white chicks. My sons are struck too, so I guess i'll have to deal with it someday.
    Btw, glad to see someone out spending some cash. Celebrate ur b-day all month, girl!