Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day #553: Damn...I'm Slacking!

I know, I know.  I've been slacking.  Even Sassyme emailed me and asked if I was okay.  Awww thank you girl! 

I'm okay.  I think?  Giggle.

Just a lot going on.  Damn it is just too much to talk about!

For starters...I'm gonna get it cracking with this thing for the summer I guess.  Sigh.  Yeah I succumbed and reactivated my account.   Before I stopped the account because I just couldn't manage all these fools online AND on the skreets.  It was just too much to handle.  So what made me sign up again?  I'll be honest, I wasn't even thinking about this Match shyt but someone winked at me and then I decided to go browsing.  I saw this pic of this brutha on there and I was like "DAYUM".  Used to be a bodybuilder so his physique was on point.  Good looking face too.  And he lives right in my town.  So after a few weeks of debating I said what the hell.  So yep, I signed up just to talk to his azz.  LOL.  I'm pathetic I know - but so what!  I got what I wanted.  I got a date with him tonight so....

Mission accomplished.

Well let's put a maybe on that.  I'm not that excited anymore for some reason.  I talked to him on the phone a couple times and either his phone was f*cked up or he just talks f*cked up.  Not a good sign.  Maybe it's the steroids that affected him?  You know how those bodybuilders use that crap.  And didn't I read somewhere that it shrinks their d*cks too?  Hmmm.  I'll try to catch a glance at it tonight.  Hopefully he will wear some sweatpants or something that "hugs his nether regions" so I can see whassup. 

And then tomorrow, I'll be back.  Bloggin'.  Bloggin' on here talking about his azz. 

Will it be good?  Will it be bad?

T-minus 8 hours...and counting.

We shall see!


  1. Hey Girlfriend
    Glad to see you back!!! I recently signed up for Match had some "success" but it is so strange hooking up on computer at a dating site. First off since you see daily new faces you feel almost compelled to contact as many as possible. You find yourself cutting and pasting the line of the day because coming up with original sh^t for 5 is hard work :)
    Anyways I had a date Sunday with someone I had been e-mailing back and forth for 2 weeks. We were meeting in a parking lot in Philly for brunch. By the e-mails, photos, and phone calls she was perfect and I felt this might be the one. So she pulls up in a brand new Benz with custom plates Dr. blah well I was impressed until she pulled alongside my Toyota :)
    I think I actually saw her sniff un-approvingly. One of her first comments was about me being a smoker well hell it was on my profile. You could just tell she was full of herself - hair in dreads, strutting, talking about her "documentary" when she slipped did a 360 and fell on her ass right in front of the restaurant! I thought it kinda evened things out - the lord works in mysterious ways :)

  2. giiiirrrrlll, I just told myself the other day that is the move for the summer! i already got my friends lined up to be on my dates just in case he is crazy!!!lol

  3. Ok so sunshine send some stories over girl! I wanna hear how the dates turn out.