Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sensuality Tonight?

From my phone:
Ok at this SENSUALITY workshop for women right now. Came here to see if I can learn how to unleash my pent up, inner sexy. Can they teach me anything? We shall see!

Went out with popeye last nite and that fool was trying to feel on my boob. Already! I knew it! I knew his azz was thirsty. Ugh. Gettin all excited cuz the kiss included a lil tongue I guess. Hate when dudes misinterpret shyt. Already talking about how he wanna make passionate love to me and what not. Geezus. I guess he hasn't felt a tittie in so long he done got a lil excited huh?

I dunno. That might be the end of him. Seems a lil hungry. He might kill a sista if we did it.

Aiight, the class is starting. Gotta pay attention cuz I don't want to miss one word! A lot of white chicks in here though. Hmmmm. I'll represent for the sistas tonight. Keepin it classy.


  1. hahahaha... Thirsty men are too FUNNY. They amuse me so much. He would probably come in his pants just from some "boob access", lol. let's know what you learn from this conference. I'm sure the information would be ground-breaking... *side-eye*

  2. LOL! i love the way u write, and yea popeyes is definitely thirsty! run girl, ruuun!!! :p