Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Crazy Right Now



Dealing with grown azz women who acting like they still in high school.  That's why I have like TWO damn girfriends in this world.  Heffas.  Be back to blog on that lata.

Men.  Dropping the ball - me, not them.

Eating bad.

Regular Job - busy.

Side business - busy.

Bartending.  What do some Black folk got against tipping?

Therapy sessions.

Spending too much money.

Doctor's appointment (now).

Helping out every fluggin' body with their mess

My landlord is a bastard.  Ugh!!!!

I'm just confused.

On a roller coaster, but can't get off. 

Head is spinning.  It's too much. 

Crossing stuff off the list, but can't slow down yet.

Back lata.

Spicy food is like a laxative.  Woooo chile!


  1. Yup..seems like as the years go by my friends list continues to grow smaller and my associates list gets longer.. I feel ya! And black folks SUCK at tipping! Ugh.. I hated that when I was a bartender.

  2. I'm not sure what brown folk got against tippin' but whatever it is, they need to get over that sh*t and come up out dem pockets. LOL

  3. Hey Ms Behaving! Loving all the love today on my blog posts! I'm so glad u came by to read a sistas rants.

    Chile black folk are the worst for tipping! Sometimes I just shake my head. And both male and female do it. No diff. Just low class. That's all I can say about that.