Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I Don't Want A Black Chick"

I don't know why, but I feel as if I were punched in the stomach for some reason.

I was exchanging text messages with someone that I was diggin' a lil' bit, and he says,

" mind is made up about it...don't get me wrong...I love my Black sistas, but I don't see myself long with one because I've been with Black ladies and it didn't last."

But hey, I likey him!  LOL

I guess it is not like I haven't heard this before in a general sense, but for someone who I am diggin' to tell me that directly was a real punch to my gut.

So I take this to mean that because I am Black I ain't gotta chance with dude.  Forget who I am as an individual huh?  Wow.

Dude says he likes Asian chicks.  A White guy in my office says he can't close a deal with a White girl so he too wants an Asian chick.  Ok can someone explain this shyt to me?  Whassup with these damn Asian chicks anyways?  Is the coochie betta?  Do they just run behind men and speak only when spoken to?  Are they smarter or dumber?  WHAT?

*scratching my head*

I don't know but it makes me wonder.  I mean I can move on from this dude, but from that comment?  It may take a couple of minutes.  Mind tripping to experience someone writing you off because of your race, and it is even more mind tripping when that person is the same as me.  I mean date whoever you want, but dayum.  This sista already has it hard enough and I really didn't need to hear that right now.  Sigh.

Ok, so he wasn't THAT into me, and maybe he was making excuses, but nevertheless the statement threw me back a little bit.

Anyway...I'm gonna have me a Bloody Mary tonight and start packing my crap.  I'm moving on Valentine's Day.  It should take my mind off the holiday so not a bad plan.

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