Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day #287: Don't Tell Me You Missin' Me Already?

"Back off of me
The negativity
Don’t want to hear what you say
I’m a dance away my drama…
So you best get out my way
Hey, hey, hey "

This weekend I did dance away my drama.  I went to this dance party in NYC all by myself.  By choice.

Free drinks, good music, and dancing all night long, and I didn't have to go 'find my girls' or wonder where they were and all that craziness.  Or if my girlfriend is cuter than me that she'll get all the play and I'll get ignored, like when I go out with my friend Yolanda.  That's my girl but if you're with her you ain't gettin' no action.  AT ALL.  It's just the way it is with her.  I tell her that all the time and she laughs.  When we go out I just sit back and marvel at her suitors and shake my head and chuckle.  It's actually pretty entertaining, but I don't let it bother me cuz she just got it like that.  It is what it is.  The good thing though is that Yolanda is cool people and she doesn't let it go to her head.  And I'm cool people and I'm not gonna hate.   

But when I am by myself, I go when I'm ready and I am on my own timetable.  Yep, and I shut it down too (although I didn't plan on that) and danced until the lights came on at 4am.  I even got escorted to my car so that was cool too. 

I honestly don't get what the big fear is with women and thinking that they can't go out alone.  But on the other hand I can understand the concern for safety reasons, especially in big cities like New York and Chicago.  I guess it's just what I do though so I don't try to overthink it.  I have lived all over the United States and in all four time zones with just me and that lazy cat of mine.  For the first two weeks I would chill in my new town, but then I would get that 'itch' and wanna hang out.  I mean how in the world was I supposed to meet people if I stayed in my damn apartment all the time?  Of course I would meet people at work, but who wants to always hang with a co-worker?  Not me.  Man those were the days too!  I would move to my new town, get settled and start looking for flyers or listen to the radio to find out where the happenings were.  Then on the designated night I would get dressed and show up.  I met all kinds of people that way and had friends from all over, not just from the job.  It was a blast!

So for my solo night out, I stepped out of my cougar role and became a PYT for a few hours.  I get to the club and I get a few nice comments and looks.  Cool.  My 'fun' little skirt and my high heeled sparkly shoes were doing exactly what I wanted them to do.  This party was for old heads so anything looking young and fun was gonna get a look, and I knew that and dressed the part.  Most of the ladies usually wear something knee length so showing a little thigh was bound to turn some heads.  In the place most people were coupled up, but there were a few singles in there that I knew I could have a dance or two with.

First up, Luis the cop.  OMG.  He looked like a Puerto Rican Uncle Fester.

<----- And he looked exactly like this picture too.  No joke.  Baldy and all. 

He walks up to me and was the first to try to run his game.  He was mad short and his gut was so big that he couldn't even tuck in his damn shirt.  And he was just talking and talking and talking!  I hadn't even been there 10 minutes and I couldn't even focus on the music for listening to his azz!  He was trying way too hard too; so hard that he even unbuttoned his shirt to show me his Omega Psi Phi brand on his arm like I was supposed to fall over or something.  Man please, I don't give a fluck about that.  This ain't no damn step show!  GTFOH.  I finally shook him when he said he was going to get something to drink.  I just walked to the other side and then someone else asked me to dance.  Saved!  Then I met another dude later on...

Name:  "Hennessey" is the Flava Flav name I'm gonna give him because that's what he was drinking on.
Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY
Age:  Ah, you don't wanna know.  He didn't look it anyway.  Let's just say that he was in high school when The Jacksons were the hot shyt.  You would never know it though because he looked young as hell.
Personality:  B+
Swagger:  B
Looks:  In the dark he was about a B but...( get to that later)

We had a good time dancing, it was cool.  He bought me some drinks, I met his friends, and we chatted and laughed.  I guess it was the drinks because the next thing you know we were kissing.  Pretty good.  I'll give him a B+.  We danced some more, kissed some more, and he was talking all that NYC shyt and I was eating it all up.  Yeah, it was fun.  We left the party and he walked me to my car.  I didn't fall for the 'Can I take you to breakfast" line though but we did have a little 'after party'.  Giggle.

Before I knew it, the sun was coming up in the distance.


It's five o'clock in the morning,
And I'm just gettin' in',
Never once do you say,
Where have you been...

I speak to Hennessey (how do you spell that shyt, shoulda picked an easier name) on the phone the next day and we have lunch.  I guess I must be cold hearted or something because the more I learned about him I just wasn't excited anymore.  After I saw the little gut he had and a hint of man boobs, his grade went from a B to like a D+.  I guess now that the drinks had worn off I could see what he was working with.  Oh well.  But the night we had was nice.  I had fun.  I touched it too, and oooooh it was feelin' real nice.  Grade A fo' sho.  BUT, I wasn't gonna let him close the deal though.  Sorry boo boo.

So Monday he calls me and was telling me that he was missing me already. 

Nooooo.  I don't wanna hear that mane!    He was just okay and  after talking to him it doesn't sound like he has his shyt together enough for me.  He was just something to do Saturday night on the real, and now he says he is missing me?  I won't allow it.  You can't miss me when you just met me, and if you are truly are feeling some type of way about me, don't tell me that shyt in the first 48 hours.  I guess I'm weird like that because that sends up the red flag really quick.  Dudes confessing like that to me mad early are usually really sensitive or end up being a pain in the azz.  Believe me I know.

Anyway, we'll see.  I am a mean woman aren't I?  Yeah I know.  I don't mind a Sugar Daddy, as long as you ain't literally made of sugar --- and cookies, fried chicken, donuts, and everything else.  He has potential, but my friend always says that "Potential is for seventeen year olds."  Ouch.  I always remember that whenever I put 'he' and 'potential' in the same sentence.  Sigh.  Too bad.

Post is getting long so I'll end it.  I have a lot more to talk about like the Facebook Stalker, going in for the kill on those bullshyt attorneys that I had and other snipets....but I'll just come back lata.

By the way, I hate this apartment. 


  1. You go! Get some attention and action! At least Henn wasn't holding a Sharpie! LOL I always want to go out with my friends, but maybe I should try to go out by myself. If your attitude is open for anything then you'll have more fun. I guess I'll be hitting the town Friday nite!

    And what is wrong with your apartment. I thought that the Billy Goats had left!

  2. Hi Sassyme. Yeah I know that kicking it alone is not for most women. Hey, if you have fun with your girls then keep doing that. But I think I have just as good a time without them, if not better. As you get older you have less girlfriends, and even fewer that will go out. So why deprive myself? If a guy asks you if you're by yourself just lie and say your friends are there and motion to a group of women. Hell, it's not like he will check.

    As for my apartment, I have a new neighbor and I think he is lifting weights or something and hitting them on the floor. The apartment building just has cheap azz floors and walls. Seven months left on my lease. :(

  3. I have NEVER been out alone.Hmmm maybe I too sould try this experiment. I alway want to hit up the reggae spots in LA but because my bestie moved to TX and all my other girls are Yanekee squares, I have Nobody to g with. Hennessy (sp) sounds like a NO when the sun comes up. LOL but Im glad you had good time!

  4. @ atruhollywood

    Helllooo! Yeah try it! I bet you will have a great time! I remember that I had an English class a few years ago and that was an assignment - to go out alone and write about it! I was like, oh I got this. The other women in the room were like, 'OMG. I can't do that." The teacher told them to do something simple like going to a restaurant (not fast food) alone, or going to the movies. Guess where I went?

    A peep show.

    Hell, I had been everywhere else alone and I had already been at strip club or two so that was the only thing I could think of doing.

    Honestly no one looks at you or cares. Like tonight, I'm going to a spot by myself. I'm gonna get my 2 for 1 drinks, find me a spot, get tipsy and when the music gets live I'm gonna dance. If no one says a word to me I don't even care either.

  5. Ok, I just stumbled across your site this morning through either AtruHollywood or Ms. Behaving. Thanks to a slow morning at work, I have actually ready all posts so that I can be up to date. I really enjoy your blog!

    I wish I could club solo, but I just don't think I could be comfortable. I can hit up bars, but a club scene, I know I would be looking crazy!!

  6. Wow thanks Maggie for checking me out! Thanks for reading my rants. Yeah it's me talking about my mess. Hell I went back to look at few of the old ones after I saw your comment. Dang, I forgot about a lot of that stuff like the hairy roommate and my adventures with Hot Chocolate. Too funny. Anyway, I hope you visit again!

    Oh honey if you can do a bar alone, you can do a club. It's a natural progression. You won't be looking crazy lol! That's funny. Dare yourself...go for one hour. I bet if the music is popping and the drinks are good you won't even think about it.

  7. Oh lawd...NOT the I-miss-you-when-I-haven't-even-had-the-chance-to-REALLY-get-to-know-you call. What a #fail! LOL

    Wish I had it in me to get up and go out alone sometime. Glad you enjoyed it!