Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Thought - About These Broke Nuccas...

Is it just me or is it true that broke azz nuccas usually give good d*ck?

They ask to borrow money and you say no, but that doesn't stop them.  Then to your surprise things end up where y'all get to f*ckn, and while his head is in between your legs he starts asking for it again,

"Come on.  So you gonna lend me that money right?"  Slurp.  "Huh?  Huh?  You gonna lend me that money right girl?!!!"  Slurp.  Slurp.

"Yeah daddy, ooh, yeah I will.  Just keep doing that."

And then afterwards (hell or even during it!) you end up reaching for your wallet after all?

Not saying that this happened to me though.  LOL.  I was just wondering about it.  I think I'm way too old to be hearing, "Can I hold a couple of dollars until I get my check?"  Somebody called me last night asking me this and that's what made me write this post.  I know I have had my periods of brokeness, but I will never fix my mouth to ask someone else.  I usually try to just figure it out on my own.  I have always been that way after seeing my parents go thru their money woes.  Hell, I COULDN'T ask them for shyt hardly ever.  They didn't have it most times.  If I asked my mother though she would get it from somewhere because she didn't want me to go without, but that would include borrowing from her bros and they would get pissed at her.  So I just stopped asking altogether once I got old enough to work.

So as for dude who called last night.  WTH!!! Handle your biz dammit!  Why was your azz at the casino Friday night then if you were close to broke?  Straight triflin'.  So of course I said with a quickness, "I don't loan money to people."  I hope this will be the first and the last time he asks me for anything with a dollar sign in front of it.  SMDH. 

I wonder....
Does this happen with dudes too and their females?  For some reason I'm betting that it does.


  1. That would turn me off so fast. A dude asking for money while they were doing that? Seems like a bitch move.

  2. U know I think asking at ANYTIME turns me off. I just don't like when dudes ask to borrow money from me.

  3. YES! Unless of course we were on a certain level. But if we were just dating... DEAD

  4. I'm feeling you on this. I'm the type that even if I'm down to my last dollar, I would rather starve than ask someone else for cash. I guess some people don't have that pride factor. *Shrugs*

  5. Hmmmm...I'm not sure about broke nuccas but them ugly ones DEFINITELY know how to lay it down!!! LMAO

    ::clearing throat:: ahem...not that I speak from experience or anything.

    ::Lookin' around nervously:: LOLOLOLOLOL

  6. Oooh I forgot about the fugly ones!!! LOL.

    Oh and of course you don't speak from experience! *wink* You heard that on The Wendy Williams Show right?

    Riiiiight. That's where I heard about what I posted about. *double wink*

  7. Yep. I agree. But I guess filing for bankruptcy was technically 'asking for help?" I just thought about that. But even with filing bankruptcy it was a tough pill to swallow and it wasn't like I was happy to do it. I probably could have asked some family members for help, but I didn't say a thing. In fact, no one in my family even knew that I was having problems after my business closed. Funny how I would rather tell my money woes on the internet than tell them? Silly pride I guess?

  8. Ever have a comment in your head but that shit just feels way too long to type out? Yea thats me right about now... so aside from this mini rant all im gonna say is "lol"