Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not Tryna e-Beef Witcha Gurl...

Hi Ms Virginia,
I got your post. I didn't really read all of it honestly as it was really long. You know only what I write here. You don't know why I had that money with me when it was taken. Who said I was walking around with it anyway? Lol.
I have done a lot in my life and maybe one day I'll talk about it.  I have had successes and failures just like anyone else.  Unfortunately you can only glean so much from what I write and maybe your assumptions may make sense given what I have said.
Whew but anyway if your post was intended to hurt it didn't. Why not? Because you don't know me well enough to say half the things I saw when I briefly scanned your letter.
But I did see that you liked my blog though.  I see that u read a lot of it bc u referred to many things.  I'll just focus on that and ignore the rest.   You're right, I am real on this blog.  So real that I have opened myself up to be criticized; but I guess that's the risk you take when you talk in bloggerworld.  It's actually allright because it just thickens your skin up if anything.  But to tell you the truth, it is waaaay too hot in NYC to get worked up about it today!  It was so humid that the lining of my dress was sticking to me so tight that it felt like a onesie.  That's not quite the way most females like to get moist and wet.  Crazee.
Anyway Ms. VA, good luck at your university and sorry to see you go.  Peace.

And life goes on.   

Meanwhile back to the hustle...
I know that this is boring stuff, but I got a great call today giving me a real nice referral for my other consulting biz that I started when I had my first business open.  I was so happy that I started doing my little soul clap in the car.  I need that loot too.  Finished up two other assignments last week too for another client and he's going to contract me for his other two businesses as well.  Now that's wassup!

I'm hustlin', hustlin', hustlin'.  Always until the day I die!

Mary J. Blige says it best:

Back off of me

The negativity
Don’t want to hear what you say
I’m a dance away my drama…
So you best get out my way
Hey, hey, hey

I feel good, like the moon is shining just for me
(The moon is shining just for me)
Tonight I’m fly as I can be
(Tonight I’m fly as I can be)
Don’t you try to bring me down, though it’s not like you could
(It’s not like you could)

I feel good

And that completes the 100th entry of my diary.  


  1. fuk a hater and keep doing you.. get that money girl... u betta work it!! :)

  2. when will people give up he red meat and stop the e-beef. C'mon son. :ahem:

    and moving on...

  3. Thanks y'all. :)

    And yep, onto the next...

  4. People will always have something to say. As long as they are talking about you, you are doing something right. Congrats on the business picking up.

  5. Lyfe of the Hustla, to put it simple: Success will always bring beef, its apart of the game!

    Keep making money and keep doing you. Its good that you were able to glean the positive from the comment and not dwell on the negatives.