Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Cougar Game Ain't Easy...

Why when I went to the damn Cougars and Cubs first meetup last week half the men were damn near 50??  Some over 50.  99% WERE OLDER THAN ME.  There was maybe one twenty something year old at the event.

What f*ckin kind of a cougar were these guys looking for anyways...someone on Medicare?

Old men are forever thinking that they still got it.  They never get TOO OLD for anything! 

Never too old to pull a young tenderoni, but never too old to be hunted by a cougar. 
Never too old for cornrows, but never too old for a Teddy Riley 90s fade.
Never too old for gold teeth, but never too old for f*cked up teeth either.
Never too old for saggin' pants, but never too old to wear a tight ass muscle shirt. 

And never too old to make a baby, but never too old to act like one.

I just gotta laugh at that.

But the reality is that they most often WILL PULL some chick out there, despite their style or age.  It's just the way it is, and men ain't even worried.  Because if they were I probably wouldn't see half the shyt I see dudes getting away with out here.  No need to step up their game because somebody will take them.  AS IS.

"Sometimes I wish I did act like a boy"

I think I'm gonna sing that at karaoke tomorrow night because I'm feeling some type of way on that subject.  I hope I don't screw it up.  Last week I sung Adina Howard's "Freak Like Me."  Had all the ladies sanging and waving their hands in the air and everything.  Hell I might just sing both songs and have me a mini concert going on up in there.

- I was soooo sleepy on the bus this morning that a little slob ran down my chin.  It was so embarassing but I was tired as hell.  I wiped it off 'cute' though.  Almost sexy.  When I woke up the man sitting next to me was looking at me like, "What the f*ck?"  Maybe he was asking himself what the hell was I just dreaming about? 
- Last night I watched The Craigslist Killer on Lifetime.  Dude was lying so much and it was all the similar shyt that Pretty Brown used to tell me.  Grrrr.  Lyin' mothafucca.
- The business plan competition is on again!  Since I was a finalist last year I hope they will still consider me for a second try.  Keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. Real short 'cause I gots to go to bed:
    Men--- Whatever! They are really all dogs. I cannot go there.

    Business plan comp.-- Go Eyes!!! I am praying for you.

    Your previous post--- still praying for you.

    Finally, the slob--- lmbo!


  2. LOL yeah I act like a boy too. I have a starting 5 roster just like one...no franchise player, everyone is still going throuhg tryouts trying to make the team. Yes Most men are dogs,it makes my hair stand up on my neck and my nose itch when they start telling me familiar lies....grrrr

  3. *raises hand* I act like a boy and like the person above me said i do keep them around lol...

    I will say this post did make my day especially when u got to talking about old ppl...thank you!! drool ran down my chin from laughing lol

  4. Hi sunshinestar! Thanks for following!

    Yeah about that drool...it's not the first time that has happened to me on the bus either. LOL.

    @ Sassy...Thanks for the encouragement!

    @ Newy...I like your idea. Gonna assemble me a little roster. Got three recruits right now, so we will see wassup. Don't REALLY like none of them but they serve a purpose in one way or the other.

  5. you make me miss my cougar. i haven't talked to her in a long time. if i told you who she was (she's semi hood famous) you'd be like..omg. but for real..she made me feel like i was a sexy young thing.

    and when i say she was my cougar it was in her head cause i didn't date her. she just kept showing up to places i was. and inviting me to places she was. the entire time i kept stressing i had a girlfriend. the entire time she kept stressing..."she did not care.." lol

  6. I like your cougar story my friend.


    She was after ya huh? Wow.