Saturday, January 22, 2011


I'm going to the Bahamas.

I decided that I'm going and I booked my ticket and my hotel.  In two weeks.

Goin' by myself too.  Just for few days.  I have never been out of the country.  I just want to feel the sun on my skin.  Ride a bike.  Sit on the beach.  Think.

I got my last settlement check from the court case where I sued the people who caused my business to close.  I'll use a little of that to pay for it.  Also I just got paid by my client for my consulting biz that I still do on the side.  I should get a few more clients between now and April too.  Just bought some postcards to solicit more business.  I had a magazine ad but it seems that the postcards get the best results.  Then I still bartend and get a little here or there. 

I still get my hustle on.  I'm feeling a little more focused since I spoke at this business loan seminar last week.  Yep, they asked ME to speak.  Afterwards this Asian dude came up to me and told me that how I got my money for my business inspired him, and he liked my energy.  The people who I got the credit builder business loan from told me that my credit score went up 70 points since July.  Cool!  I'm always checking my report anyways but I didn't know the score.  Actually even with the bankruptcy ding it is almost 700 right now.  Woo hoo!  It had tanked to like 595 once that bankruptcy hit the report nine months ago.  So to go up to that in less than a year is not bad to me. 

I'm wondering about entering this business plan competition though.  Last year I was a finalist.  I worked so hard and practiced my speech over and over and over.  I wanted to show my passion when I spoke.  I didn't win, but the chick who did had a good business model.  I wasn't hating or disappointed.  I was pleased with what I did.  I'm thinking that I will wait to see if I can reopen to make my business more legitimate to the judges.  I think last year the judges just kept doubting me because they kept asking what happened as to why it closed.  No matter how I try to explain about those bastards who f*cked me over and took my money on the new place I was trying to rent, all they hear is that I'm closed.  The business was good when it closed.  I've been closed over a year now and the other day the business owner that was next to me said last week that people STILL come there looking for me.  I smiled to her but I kinda screamed inside.  I worked hard to keep that place going.  So hard.  I was handling almost $350K a month in sales.  Had an armored car.  Had business relationships with big companies.  I had systems in place.  Used my engineering background to make that shyt run like a well oiled machine.  And it did. 

But now it's all just a memory and everything is stuffed in a storage space.  In 2011 I gotta make a decision on how to proceed or sell that stuff.  Copiers, counters, computers, tables, cash registers....just everything that I acquired to run MY THING. 




And that's what those bastards who tried to play me and run over me with that rental space thought.  They underestimated me and I sued their azzes.  They didn't know that I will sue a muthafucca if you do me wrong.  Took people to court enough times and it is no problem for me at all.  I was even having the fools upstairs from me taken to court for all the damn noise they were making - but they ended up moving out a month before the court date.  This lawsuit about the biz took a year and half, but I did it.  I'm serious about business.  That business was like a child I raised and no one was gonna minimize that.  No one.
Right down the street from the bar I saw a for rent sign on a spot.  It was right on the corner too.  Tonight I work and I am gonna take the number down and call.  Ooohhh, could it be good?  I hope so.  Another guy contacted me about a spot and I went to check it out.  There was a liquor store two doors down with fools standing out in front.  Nuh uh.  That's not gonna work for my customers or me.  I deal with too much money for that.  But this other's a lot less activity down there.  What I don't like is that there aren't other good businesses around it to draw from.  The block looks kinda dead to me, but there is a laundromat and a childcare center on the same street so...I gotta check it out during business hours to see what goes on around there.

I got the application to go to mortuary school.  I went to the funeral home to talk to the guy and he said that he would mentor me.  I can come and check things out and see how they operate so I know if I want to go forward with this school thing.  I guess I'll use the settlement money to pay for it?  I wonder can I even get a loan for school now?  You can't discharge student loans in bankruptcy so I still pay that...but I only owe like $800.  I'll look into it.  Who knows.

I'm really feeling this funeral home thing though.  I think it could be a good business.  I'll think about it more on the sands of Nassau! 

"You broke me now I'm healing,
Mending myself I can feel it!"

I'll be aiight.  The sun is out today.  Even though it's cold, I'll just focus on the sunshine.  The sun makes me smile. 

Gonna go to the gym too.  I need killa thighs.  I want killa thighs.  Gotta have killa thighs. 

It's hard though.  They just look skinny to me.  But I do like my booty!  It's a lot betta now. 

Well it's that not quite THAT NICE as in this picture (I'm not even sure if this is a real girl here), but the word 'peach' does come to mind when I look at mine though. 

Cougars stand up!!


  1. Bahamas? Lucky lady. Sometimes breaking out of the usual cycle and looking after #1 is just the ticket. I hope you enjoy your first time out of the country :-)

    Mortuary school sounds very interesting. If it's what you wanna do and you have the resources, go for it. While people are quick to think of the downsides, I think working in that field could be somewhat therapeutic and very grounding...and I say that in the most positive way possible.

    Good luck with the business, sounds like you've got a plan. And good luck with the gym too. I know how you feel when it comes to honing body parts. I myself am working on getting my washboard tummy back...paunches are so not cute!

  2. Oooh! I've never been out of the country before either! Im planning my bday trip for this june...just might look into the Bahamas!

  3. @ Eden...

    Oooh so you know what I mean. Dang! Good luck on the stomach thing. I guess I should make that a goal too. The nacho chips and salsa are my weakness though. For February I vow to take the whole month without buying one bag of Tostitos. Wish me luck! And thanks for the positive words. I hope that I can execute the plan this year with minimal distractions!

    @ KellzTheDiva.

    Hey I like that name, and I like that blog! Dropped by today and I liked what I saw. Nice. I hope the Bahamas is nice. Maybe I'll blog about my trip? I hope the weather is decent too. I like the heat but I think it might be pretty mild there when I go. Thanks for following me! I plan to follow your blog as well.

  4. Thanks! And please do blog about it!! With plenty pictures! That way if I don't end up going, I can live vicariously through them! lol

  5. Hope you enjoy. I was in France during the last summer. Def. need to go back.