Monday, June 13, 2011

Day #621: The "F*ck Off" Brick

You're never too old to throw one...

or get hit by one.

Today, I got hit with the worst kind of brick..."THE FUCK OFF BRICK".


I might do something messed up.  Make a mistake doing something with someone I know I don't like.  Use him and say "Get the f*ck out".  I feel the urge burning inside of a monster.

I hope I can control myself.  And not do that.

I don't know though.  Already took out my fishing pole and got a fish.  Too easy.

I hope I can just throw him back.

I don't know. 

(head in my hands)

I just don't know. 

UPDATE:  I threw him back.  For now.


  1. YAY!!!!! I know what you mean sista!

  2. UGGH...I hate the "fuck off brick" but reality is, you haven't lived unless you've thrown and or been hit with one or two.