Saturday, April 21, 2012

Interview with a Dog: Revelation

"That's when Shallow Hal reveals something to me that even I couldn't take..."

That's the last sentence I wrote in the prior post. 

I'm sitting here watching Dateline about a woman who knew her husband killed two people and didn't say anything about it for years.  Eventually she did because the husband had viciously beat their young daughter.  I'm sure that there are many that would tell her that she was wrong for not turning her husband in right away, even though she explained what caused her to delay.  I'm sure she will always have someone that will not agree with her decision to keep her husband's secret.

As for writing about Shallow Hal, the purpose was to somehow purge the events from my mind.  But in doing that, the feedback is bothering me because no matter how many different ways I explain things, the judging will still be there.  Like what I speak about is some new or unheard of shyt.  Shallow Hal BEEN a dog; those two chicks BEEN in the picture years before me.  Nothing I do is causing anything.  Shallow Hal does his own shyt and makes his own decisions.  I ain't impacting a damn thing that man does with those two women.  I'm just listening.  And yeah...I screwed him too.  But it ain't about his d*ck (actually he is pretty basic in the bed).  It ain't about his money.  I said what it was about and as I said before I don't have to explain it or make anyone understand.  I could be like that woman and keep it to myself.  I didn't though.  I posted it to the world.  Doesn't mean I'm proud about it.  Do I sound like I'm proud about it?

(oooh, I sound kinda angry don't I?)

Posting it to the WORLD.....THE WORLD!!!!!  Girl, that doesn't seem to be helping me AT ALL lately.  That's partly the point of this blog...or so I thought!  I don't need to hear shyt about me.  I pay someone to talk to me about my shyt. 

Soooo...what I would have spoken about on the next blog would have been too much for some to handle I think. would be too much and I won't even take it there.  I will go ahead and write the posts to serve MY PURPOSES, but it probably won't be published.  What's the point?   Anyway what I ended up doing I never thought I would do, but it don't matter.  It's really my business anyway, I just put it out there.  LOL.  What the hell did I do THAT for?

If I sat back and judged Shallow Hal, he would stop talking to me about it.  So if someone judged me about something, then guess what...I would shut up about it too.  Anyone would.  Anyone. 

Looks like I will do just that.  I have other stuff to talk about for the time being.  I was working on that post last week.  This Shallow Hal situation is dead for now.

Hmmmm, I can hear it now...

"Well why you put it out there if you don't wanna hear someone's true opinion?"

You know how you tell someone something and you just want them to listen --- and shut the f*ck up?  That would be my answer to that.  Also maybe because it is my personal shyt?  Or maybe I never really asked for an opinion on me?  The opinions about Shallow Hal and Miss C and Miss New York don't affect them because they don't know shyt about this blog.  So talk about them all day. 


In any case, as for the blog I am still shocked that people would actually read my baloney?  :)  Lost some people and gained a few but that's okay.  Maybe I disgusted them too much, but that's cool.  Move on if the blog bothers you or what I do bothers you.  I guess that's what I'm doing essentially.  Moving on from posts about Shallow Hal if publishing them ain't working for me right now.

Plus writing these blogs is pure labor.  Organzing the stories and making it flow together is not easy at all!  It takes a very long time to write those posts.  I sure don't wanna feel any type of way about my posts after I spent hours putting them together.

Anyway who knows, I might change my mind about it.  I'll talk to the therapist about it.  I got mad other shyt going on with an IRS audit, my side biz, bartending, and my regular gig to have my heart flutter nervously whenever I get notified of a comment.   

I guess I'm a sensitive wimp.  No matter how old I get.  Still sensitive.  Still a weenie.  Oh well. 

Whew...I feel better already!!!!!  The power of writing is really therapeutic.


  1. I'm sad that you are going to stop blogging about Shallow Hal...I found it pretty entertaining. Those that are making those hateful comments need to look in the mirror. None of us are saints and we have all done things that we are not particularly proud of. I was looking forward to the next part of the story. At any rate, keep writing, even if you don't publish here, it's therapeutic. Good luck with the IRS audit.

  2. Wow, I'm disappointed in orhers' actions. I read your blog as a story & now the storyline has jumped the tracks. Sucks. You are an incredible writer but I respect that sharing your personal life if a choice. Cliffhanger....

  3. Wait so you just gonna leave us hanging and not finish that's some type of bull. I feel you partially on being judged but if others don't like what you say/write they can close their eyes and ears no one forces them to read your post you have a gift a talent and in fact it's extremely inspirational. Im working on my own blog and dealing with my own types of drama ad reading your post made me realized the shyt I go through/ went through just maybe blog worthy. Haters are gonna hate that's just what they do but if you stop doing what u do (which u do so well) you're letting them win and that can't be fulfilling to you or you're loyal fans whom look forward to reading your posts. I hope you really haven't given up on the Shallow Hal saga or any other at that you're post are enjoying and entertaining to read and I look forward into reading every last one
    Keep you're head up, mind right and Eyes On The Prize :) xoxo

  4. No more Shallow Hall #tragedy Don't be affected by people judging you, you are real about how you live your life. It takes a brave women to put out their story and experiences with a man. You shouldn't be criticized. Besides you have the benefit of knowing exactly what he is doing, and even though its an intense situation I think he has feelings for you.

  5. I have be saddened by this peice of information :( In all honesty, there is a certain approach that you have to take with people who tends to be professional shit-talkers. Fuck'em and send they asses straight to hell. LOL!! Works out fine for me, usually...

    RIP Shallow Hal, you will be missed

  6. Aww mannnn!! Shallow Hal was like my weekly soap lol. It's alright though. Girl, you do what's best for you. Don't censor your speech because of the feedback you (think you'll) get - do it because YOU WANT TO. If you wanna share your stories with the world, then by all means please do. It's YOUR life, YOUR choice, and it sure as hell is your gat-dayum blog! We love you and appreciate the effort you put into this, and like the others said, whoever can't take it needs to GTFO!!

    PS: Whoever has a complaint keeps coming back for some reason. Obviously something's bringing them back, no?

    P.P.S: We really like Shallow Hal & the crew. Please don't kill 'em off lol

  7. You know I've lost a couple of friends because they were too busy trying to be my judge, instead of being the ear I needed. But I do understand where you are coming from with stopping the Interview With A Dog saga, even though I'm sad to not read the conclusion(hopefully you'll change your mind *fingers crossed*)I hope you do continue to write, you have true talent and pure bravery to let so many people into your personal life. Good luck with the IRS... :o)

  8. I feel like I received the worst news ever. And I'm now trying to find ways to cope with it.
    This is almost as tough(not quite) as a heart break/ break up.
    I don't want to trivialize your feelings; they are very real to you and something you have to cope with everyday.

    But......, if there is any *teeny tiny* way to persuade you to post it, I would be all the more grateful for it. Perhaps posting it in a separate link or page. Putting a disclaimer behind the post to warn potential readers the content might be risqué.

    Ultimately the decision is up to you; but it's oh so hard dealing with. :-P
    Kudos on the best cliffhanger in blogpost history, lol.

  9. AAAaaawwww maaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!!!!!!! I REALLY wanted to hear the end of that story!!! You know, the readers you may have lost were probably for the best anyway. You don't need any judgmental a**holes knowing your inner thoughts. My blog is really the only place I have no filter; it's the one place I feel like I can say whatever I want because, at least in my real life, I got a lot of people just WAITING to tell me what THEY'D do and how I'M wrong about something. So anonymity on the internet is my safe haven. Everyone who disagrees can keep it movin'. Sit on your Hal posts as long as you feel you need to, but PLEASE don't stifle your blog to appease a few folks who have no right to throw stones.

    Oh, and I wanna hear about the IRS thing too!

  10. I think that reality is if they don't like your blog, they don't need to read it. I personally enjoy your candidness and the labor I see you put into the posts. Hope they do continue. I suck at commenting but I am always thoroughly entertained (for lack of a better word) by your stories.

    sidebar: I dealt with an audit 2 years ago ... they are the WORST. smh

  11. Nooooooooooooooo........omgggggggggg............i loveeeeee reading your blog. SH will be missed lol. I agree with the other comments, its your life and who are we to judge. As you said about society and double standards, some cant handle a woman being sexually free. Good luck with everything. Im still gonna be a loyal fan

  12. 1st comment ever, I've silently read this shallow hal story and instead of judging I actually saw things that in a man I wouldn't want and things to look out for. Thank you for sharing and I hope you change ur mind, cause its like a mystery novel and part two isn't published, some messed up shit. But I realise that this is ur life, real life and most importantly ur sanity matters,

    1. Co-sign! I found you through the "Black Girls Are Easy" blog and I enjoyed reading your stories. Hell, you've inspired me to start writing. Keep on keeping it real!

  13. from one blogger to another don't be nervous by this notification of a comment because I have no hate to spew. you write for you and if someone hates let them. keep doing you and be proud about it

  14. Dang, I love the Shallow Hal saga and I wanna hear the end of it! Why do WE have to suffer because of some stupid a$$ fool? You can not please everybody...ever. I agree with everyone else, this is your life, your blog, it is open and honest and that is what I love most about you. Look at all of these positive feedback, not everyone has judged you in a negative way. If you have to kill the Shallow Hal...then I am with you ( not really... I wanna hear what happened ) ...

    What the heck is going on with IRS?

  15. man people who write tbe mean comments need to stop it because there is worse things on the tv shows and even the news. barely anyone gets mad about the facts that are presented on the news and those events impact more than just a few people those events impact countries in some instances. do not let the people who say bad things get you down. some people may be trying to help and others are just glad that they can make someone else feel bad because they feel bad about themselves. they are just as wrong for there comments as they think you are wrong for your actions. but at the end of the day, each person has their own choices to make. if they think u are wrong then they need to stop reading simple as that do your thing however that may be. and if you feel guilty that for you to deal with however you please and not for people to make you feel.

  16. looks like for every hater you had you have a dozen followers who LOVE what you do! where are the haters now? we don't see their judgemental comments now do we?
    i think everything i wanted to say was said so well by all the previous comments. therefore i co-sign all lf the above comments. lol...i should hope reading them has made you feel better about the situation!

    & you are not a "weenie" <--- who says that? LOL :-) ...."when your ready just say your ready, when all that baggage just aint so heavy" -drake ....and we'll be here waiting for the conclusion of the shallow hall chronicles and all its kinky fuckery!

  17. Are you serious!! Do you know the amount of excitement I experienced when I seen the new post only to read that you're not going to finish the story!!! This post sucked all the happiness out of my body! I was soo looking forward to the continuation of the last post!! Disappointed!! Just keep writing and fxck the haters! Don't let them control your blog.

    1. Ha! Me too I was super excited to read the next post :(

  18. i was excited about the blog post you put up.... its real life drama, and i understand how airing things out could be therapeutic, Everyone is almost as fucked up as you, you just have the strength to put your business out there, and for that i commend you. please dont stop with the post, keep on.

  19. Amen to what the others wrote... and was super excited and have been checking back daily to find this ugh!!! :( Not Happy!

  20. Fxck that dude and his wack-ass emails, tell him ya'll are not friends and to read another blog.