Monday, September 28, 2009

Broke Antidote #4: Meet Me a Man With Money in His Hand

"Cause ain't nothing going on but the rent." 

Remember that song? 

I was walking home after disembarking from the slave ship, and I thought about my friend saying she met a cutie on  Then I was saying to myself how I might do it to meet new people.  I think I have had my share of my gangsta, Timberland wearing types for now. 

Hey, what if one of them is like an entertainment industry guy or a Wall Street fella?  If I can't make the paper myself, I'll find someone with enough paper to give me a little.  So this week I am gonna enroll!  I hope there are some cuties with some loot please.  My biggest concern is that they will be pint sized.  The internet fellas often are.

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