Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 4: Getting Happy Over $15!

People think I'm kidding about this or something.  Jose wanted me to pay the parking ticket that he got on my other car until we caught up with each other.  The ticket was $34 and I told him that I didn't have $34.  He said, "What!  You're going backwards!"  I then said, "And why is that?  Because of the business."   I told him about the blog and he said he didn't want to read it because it was probably going to be depressing.  Depressing for who?  Him?  Why when the shyt is happening to me?  If you're gonna be depressed then how do you think I feel?  Jose is tripping.  Anyhow, Jose gave me an extra $15 with the money for the ticket. Jose said to use it to buy something special for lunch.  So tomorrow I will splurge and buy me some Qdoba take out for $9 and a $5 scratch off ticket.  Or maybe I will just buy the scratch offs and another Mega ticket.  Woo hoo!

Wait.  Mic check.  Am I really celebrating fifteen dollars right now?

Ok I did a little something today on the credit end of things.  I called BOA and told them I would try to catch up in October.  I'm three months behind with them.  By that time I would have met with the credit counseling place again (the NFCC) and see what they say about the bankruptcy thing.  So I'm stalling for time...

I called Discover because they raised my interest rate to 17.9% from 11.24% because I had a late payment back in July.  They put it back at 11.24% because I told the rep that 18% on $10K is not gonna work for me.  Come to find out they changed the billing cycle and that changed the regular due date that I was used to.  The call was actually easier than I thought because my reason was apparently valid. 

Wait.  Mic check.  Aww crap, did I call BOA from my work damn phone?  I just thought about it.  I did!!! Now they might start calling there.  Dang it.  That was dumb, just dumb.

But what was also dumb was that I wore full bloomers with some tight ass biker shorts to gym class today.  It looked like I was wearing a Pull Up diaper because the shorts were tight around my butt which emphasized the damn panty lines.  And to top it all off the shorts were hot pink and my shirt was too little for me making me stand out even more!!  And then the teacher had me in the front row of the class doing squats so that my butt and Pull Up panty lines were on full display for the whole damn class.  I went ahead and worked out though, but I was running to the locker room to get out of that get up.

Then get to the house and there was that damn skunk by the garbage cans again.  Two feet away from me.  I ran to open the door to the house and the lock was stuck.  Same thing that happened before when I saw that skunk.  It seems that only on the day the skunk is nearby is when I can't get the damn door open.  Go figure.

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