Friday, September 25, 2009

Broke Antidote #3: M&M Day - McDonalds and Michael Jackson

I was combing through the craigslist ads and picking out a few morsels that I would apply to later when I got home.  Bartending, catering, admin jobs, etc.  But I couldn't get this poster out of my mind that I saw in the window at the McDonalds next to the therapist's office earlier this week.  So then I said, "What the hell.  Let's see if McDonald's calls me."  So I went online and applied.  They had like 35 questions for you to answer!  Mostly about like was I late in high school and did I turn in my homework.  Stuff like that!  Hell yeah I was late to school, and been late to almost everything ever since - even job interviews.  It's a curse.  I was kinda trippin' on the questions but I went ahead applied for the cashier job though.  Pay range $7.15 - $8.15 per hour. 

Imagine that!  I'm about to hit 40 years old and never in my life have I applied to McDonald's.  I mean I worked at Popeye's Chicken when I was like 15 but that was my first job.  My cousins had worked there and hooked me up.  I remember there was an asshole manager there who said to me once, "Does your entire family have those big noses?"  I didn't know what to say.  As I teenager I was all self-conscious anyway and had a phobia about the way I looked, so when he said that to me I was crushed.  I went home and told my mother about it, and she told me "Well, I woulda said what does my nose have to do with making this chicken?"  But of course it was too late for all that.  The damage was done.  My job basically consisted of washing dishes and making biscuits in the back while the cute chicks worked in the front.  Ahhh, the memories....

So anyhow let's see if I get a call...

My entrepreneur friend Sam called me and I told him that I was looking for a second job.  He reminded me that I am an entrepreneur and need to find my own way of making money.  He's right.  So then my thoughts shifted to ways to make money on my own.  But I've been thinking about it..what can I do without any loot? Shyt, all I know how to do right now is make people mad at me.  LOL.  Can I get paid for that?  Maybe I'll be the Blogger Bitch (there I go with the 'B' word again, but it is very colorful I must say) in cyberspace? 

But in the mean time, I have the last of my MJ posters I gotta sell....

I just have a handful, so I'll post on some places and hope that eventually I'll unload them.  This weekend for sure!  I have some books and a dress or two and see what happens with those too.  I have also tried to sell some of the business stuff, and thought I had a bite on a copy machine that I put on Ebay.  But he faked on me when he got here.  Had the nerve to tell me he looked like Al B. Sure when I made arrangements to meet him.  Al B. Sure, who is SO IRRELEVANT right now.  So this comparison to himself was quite fitting.  I guess I was supposed to swoon over that information especially when I didn't ask what he looked like anyway.  This wasn't a blind date you goon; you are buying a copy machine!  I guess he was getting his sites mixed up and he forgot that he went to and thought he found me on  But when I saw him he was a complete gremlin okay!  He had the light skinned part right on the Al B. Sure thing...but he had boobs and a pot ass belly.  Nuh uh!!  He looked more like Al Roker than Al B. Sure if you ask me.  Creep.

Old roomie sent a text and said he was putting the check for his security deposit refund in the bank.  It's gonna bounce - don't have it in there.  Oh well...six days until I get paid and I'll be $325 in the hole with his check out of the starting gate.


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