Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 35: How Trying To Get a One Dollar Meal Cost Me $80!! Damn!!

Ok so a buddy of mine in Dallas sends me this coupon for a 1/4 quarter Chicken Meal at Boston Market for one dollar.   It was kinda like the coupon that KFC and Oprah did when KFC came out with their grilled chicken a few months ago.  Back then I heard that it was a disaster trying to redeem those coupons,  and I didn't go anywhere near KFC.  So why oh why didn't I do that with this Boston Market thing too?

My plan was to redeem the coupon this weekend, and I'll admit that I was kinda looking forward to it because I think their cornbread is the bomb.

So Friday night after work I decided to slide on over to the NYC Boston Market after coming from getting my eyebrows done and having a beard and goatee removed.  Yes, yes, I confess to that, but I am certainly not alone.  Hair removal is big business!  That salon was packed and I even had to take a number.  Halloween was the next night and I guess all of us gals didn't want to be mistaken for spiders or gorillas.  LOL.  So we all sat and waited patiently for the nice Indian ladies to transform us back into humans again.  For the bargain price of $6, it was well worth the wait. 

So I leave the salon and I walk down to Boston Market.  The line was out the door.  Not surpised but it was really not that serious for me to wait either.  I told myself that I'll just go to the one near my house the next day which is...


Now I'm driving and looking for the restaurant.  I see tons of little kids with Halloween costumes on, but no Boston Market.  Hmmm...????  I drive around a little more and but I still can't find it.  Kids all over and the traffic is getting thick, so just as I am deciding to hang it up -- I see a spot and jump in it.  What luck!  I get out, and I am so damn focused on getting to this restaurant that I didn't read all of the signs.  I just hopped my happy ass out of the car and walked down the street like a big ass donkey.

Ok, so Boston Market is out of business!  Oh well.  So I bought a burger and fries at Michelle Obama's fave burger spot instead.  Ten bucks.  WTF??  First lady prices I see.  But I went ahead and got it while I tried to justify the purchase in my head.

Then all of the sudden, the kids are everywhere in the restaurant...fairies, devils, Transformers, clowns.  Even the adults were dressed up at 12 in the afternoon.  Hell I even saw a Black guy dressed up as a breast, and I don't mean chicken breast.  Nipple and all.

I decide to leave because it was just too much activity going on, and I get back to the car and there is a friggin' parking ticket on it!!!  Resident parking.  Sign was right there in my face.  The broke bandit strikes again. 68 friggin' bucks and the time on the ticket was not to two minutes after I walked away from the damn car.  Bastards must have been watching me.  And I saw this guy standing on his porch who kept staring at me.  He must have saw the ticket person coming my way and didn't say shyt.

What a dumb ass.  I'm so pissed at myself right now.  That was plain dumb to get a ticket for $68 all for trying to get a dollar chicken meal.  I learned a valuable lesson today....nothing is free or near free.  Even though the one dollar thing was damn near free, I f'd up trying to take advantage of it.  Went out to spend $1 and end up spending $10 and getting a $68 ticket too.   Like I really have this money to give away right now?

But you know me, I can't just take that lying down.  I'll go to court anyway and tell them that I am filing bankruptcy and ask them for a hardship reduction.  Hell what do I have to lose?  The worst thing that could happen is just that I'll just have to get in front of the courtroom and tell a bunch of strangers that I'm broke.  Or be told to pay the ticket and go whine to someone else.  Either way, I'll take my chances.

I know one thing though, I won't sweat redeeming another free food meal coupon that hard again.  No piece of cornbread is worth $68.

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