Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My First Dumb Azz Comment

Got my first dumb comment after 272 days of posting.  Well I guess that's pretty good  right??

At first I made a blog post about it, but I have now decided to post it in the comments section of the post below because that's where it belongs. If I gave the comment too much energy then so what dammit. If it made me feel betta then that's energy well spent.

On a good note, I went to look for some cougar clubs here in the city.  Found one but it was a BBW Cougars of Color Club. Yep, and on their site they broke that shyt down too.  You have to be a size 16 to be in it for a female,  and the dudes can be any size.  Now ain't that some shyt right there? What is this?  A size 9/10 cougar can't get no love? (Oooh, that's brave of me to put my size up on here.) How are we gonna make it if cougars are discriminating against each other? United we stand, divided we don't get that young meat.  You know what though?  The more I think about it, the more this BBW cougar club sounds like they are kinda stingy.  I mean why we can't share the prospective boy toys?  Why are y'all trying to keep the young cubs for yourselves?  People are so damn guh-reedy I swear!


There was another one that I 'applied' for that I hope I meet the qualifications, and I am eagerly awaiting my acceptance.  You had to write a little statement about yourself and all that.  They weren't playing with the questions either.  "Why do you think you should be in our group."  "What do you like about younger men?"  So I will see what happens.  It sounds very interesting.

Now if I can find me a club with rich men who like chocolate cougars I would be straight! Or just rich men who like chocolate period.  That would be even betta.

Hmmm, this is New York so if I dig a little bit I just might get lucky?


  1. LOL @ "united we stand divided we don't get that young meat". <-- AMEN!

    Good luck with the search...I certainly agree that if you seek, you shall find. :)

  2. LOL im loving this!! Adventures of Senora Cougar!!! LMFAO @ the BBW Cougars...and smh at their discriminating asses too!!