Friday, September 10, 2010

Day #340: Spoilin' My Mood

"Can I come over?"

Laughs.  "What for?"

"Because I'm just having it rough right now.  Uncle Sam at my door.  Bills everywhere.  I have too much on my plate and I need a break.  I left work and went to the bar to have a couple of drinks."

"Yeah I can hear your voice sounds a little slurred.  How many drinks did you have?"

He sighs.  "Ah, maybe two or three."

To myself:  Ugh, I'm so tired of his lame ass but I really could use a little tonight.  (Nasty thoughts jump in my head.  I see the reflection of us in the headboard mirror of my bed.)  Hmmm.  I likes what he does to me.  He's already buzzed so I probably don't really have to entertain him much.  He'll be asleep right after I bet.  Yeah I can do this.  Sounds like a plan.

"Allright well I'm on the phone so if you wanna come over, come on." 

But what I really meant was... "Just bring your d*ck and your mouth and I'll temporarily waive my annoyance for you the 30-45 minutes it will take for us to get this done.  Cool?"
We hang up. 

Five minutes later he calls back.

"When I come over can you loan me $20 so I can park my car tomorrow after leaving your house?"


Needless to say his azz didn't come over last night.


Why the fluck were you at the bar when you didn't have any damn money?
Don't you have any damn PRIDE to not ask a female that ain't your girl for a loan?
How is it that you work two jobs seven days a week and STILL be broke?

Some people are just hopeless.  I was willing to look past his lameness for a few hours and he still f*ckd it up.  P*ssy was right there on a plate and he drops the damn plate.  LOL.



  1. LOL. Come on Khaki! I know you have something funny to say on that!


  2. I agree with khaki (2nd time) because its not my nature to pass judgment on what folks do - I've done some dubious things myself. However I think you deserve better and it ain't even about the money! After a while sex is just that sex. There was a gay bar I read about in LA where there was a wall with holes in them, glory holes, where people would just stick it in the hole and have no idea who was on the other side. "Just because you can don't mean you should!"

  3. Nuh uh. Don't y'all dog me now!

    Yeah all I wanted was sex. I'm being honest about that. No diff than what men and women do, I just wrote about it. I have zero emotions or feelings for him except physical. I said that in an earlier post about him and I have been true to that word. Nothing wrong with that.

    Soooo, he's a little whack?

    Ah anyway he's not that bad, he's just like most people who will try to ask for something to see what the response is. I even get that at the bar with the drinks I make. People always asking for something. He rolled the dice asking for the $20 and made himself look bad, which I'm sure he realized. He should have asked one of his friends and I would have never known that he was broke like that. He's a little scatterbrained and that's because of the life he has lived. I have to consider that when I deal with him. I just posted it cuz I thought it was funny, but of course I know people will read it and judge both me and him. I'll roll the dice on that today!

  4. I'm stange myself I think???? Many people wouldn't do what I do (or admit it anyway).

  5. Was not doggin you out we all have been there before and if you feel OK with it WTF . As I said before the reason I read your stuff is I like your honesty. I have a question have you ever been in a real relationship before. I'm sure you have - what happened?
    PS: Congrats on the money post - probably should thank Obama!

  6. I guess it would if I was analyzing you but I don't know you that well plus I don't do that to friends. What do you think about it?

  7. Real relationship...maybe one or two. What happened?

    One: Dude complained about not getting enough sex.

    Two: Other one was far away from me - I was in Seattle and he was in NYC. He gave up.

    I guess I do move like that chick on Sex In The City sometimes. I don't have much of a emotional connection with sex most times. I look at men like they look at objects of pleasure (or annoyance, disgust, fineness, cuteness, sexiness, etc.). And the funny thing is...I'm a sensitive person when it comes to everything else.

  8. "I guess it would if I was analyzing you but I don't know you that well plus I don't do that to friends. What do you think about it?"

    I'm not following...what do I think about what exactly???