Friday, September 10, 2010

Feelin' Like I Won The Lottery! - 2nd Post

Well, well, well.  Somebody f*cked up and today I am $1000 richer!

I filed bankruptcy last December and the court finalized it in April.  One creditor dropped the ball and sent my account to a collection agency anyway and their asses starting calling and sending me letters.  They also reported me like two or three times on my credit report with duplicate info which dings my credit score.  I didn't really want to bother calling them so I just emailed the attorney and asked him to write them a letter.

Instead he was like, "I'm suing them." 

Once the debt is discharged, it is illegal to keep reporting me or hounding me for the money.  At first my attorney told me that they usually don't award the debtor (me) any fees obtained in court on these matters, and the attorney would just get his fees.  So honestly I wasn't expecting any money and I was cool with that.  But then I got the call yesterday that a check is waiting for me at the office for $1000!!! The court awarded me damages from the creditor for coming after me when the debt was discharged and reporting me multiple times on my credit report.  At first I didn't believe it and asked the attorney was she sure because this type of the thing never happens to me.  But she confirmed it and told me to come and get my check.

So that's great news!  I was thinking that maybe a higher power sent me the money because some evil person vandalized my car back in December?  Maybe it's because I have been struggling and lost my business and thousands dealing with shady attorneys?  Or maybe it's because I lost my sugar bear last month?  I have his ashes in my house now so he will always be with me.  I miss him.

I dunno, but whatever the reason I am truly grateful.

I get the check tomorrow and I will be beaming all the way to the bank.  Yaaaaay!!!


  1. damn, i wish somebody would fuck up and pay me :(
    im happy for you though... hating but happy

  2. LOL. Thanks chick! Totally unexpected. I will probably end up fixing my car and giving a little to my momma.

  3. SCORE!!!! I love when other people mistakes work out for Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Yaaay for you! LOL!

  4. That's awesome! I was just saying yesterday that I need a couple of those *mysterious* checks people claim they receive in the mail. LOL

  5. Thanks Gorgeous!!! I was TOO happy when she called me. :)

  6. Jetaime...thanks for following me.

    Yeah I heard about those mysterious checks too....I guess this is one right?? I may take my lawyer a little Edible Arrangements basket for hooking a sista up. Whatcha think?

  7. love your blog..You keep it real, 100% and that aint always easy cause too many people say they WANT real talks, and then SLANDER people for actually PRODUCING real.freakin.talks..smh.
    So yea, LOVE IT!!

  8. Wow! Thanks for that Ms. Brooklynn!

    I try to keep it real on here....taking risks but hey! That's life right?

  9. ;-)
    Trust me, I know all too well lol.

  10. That's wassup!!! ::whispering:: Now can a sistah hold somethin'?!?!?!!?:: LOL ;)