Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weenie Men Make Me I.L.L.

Someone I know is getting his azz wiped across the floor by his baby momma.  She f*cks him every chance she gets, and he doesn't do shyt.  Or when he does try to do something, it's like weeks later after he has strategized and created some kind of half baked game plan to deal with her.   And of course the plan never works.

Point blank.  He is just scared of her.

Before the child was even conceived, he told me that he had told her that he wanted to break up.  So what did she say in reply?

"If you leave me I will call the Department of Children and Family Services and tell them that you sexually abused my three year old son."


So the average guy would have bounced right?  But not this one!  Noooo....he goes to his delusional strategizing and comes up with some two year exit plan to leave her.  He figured once the son turned five he would leave then so that the kid wouldn't lie for her? 

Yeah it sounded crazy to me too....

Then she gets pregnant.  I guess he couldn't stay away from that crazy woman's p*ssy.  And I bet she probably jumped on him that night -- because I can't even fathom him asking for "some" from that chick.  She probably was bossing his azz around during sex too.

Over and over again she keeps shytting on him, and now the little 5 year old daughter is disrespecting him too.  And any adult that comes around him.  He doesn't discipline her in a convincing enough manner when she shows her little azz.  I try to listen to his stories and give support and advice (because I have other friends going thru similar shyt), but he is just too slow to react and hesistant to have her taken to court for violating their court order repeatedly.

So now I think that I have lost respect for him myself.  Is that wrong?

I told him that I can't even look at him anymore.  I can't deal with him anymore.  Long ago I told him to stop telling me stories, but last week he told me that he went to his daughter's school to find out her schedule, and the school office told him that the mother had withdrawn her that morning.

Ummm, don't y'all have joint custody and aren't you BOTH supposed to make these decisions?

So what does he do?  He sends her a text two days later saying, "Please let me know where to pick up my daughter on Monday."

Not once did he question her about what she did!   Not once did he mention that she violated the court order. 

He's a lame and she knows it and that's why she does what she does.  Let's list a few of her stunts:

  • Called the police and they came to his house.  For what?  To check his refrigerator to see if he had food in it because she claimed that the daughter complained that he wasn't feeding her.
  • Refused to let him pick her up after claiming that child got ring worm in her head from his house.  He didn't see her for two weeks. 
  • Asked if she could get an extra day so her mom could take her daughter to a holiday party.  When he went to pick her up she refused.  Again he didn't see her for two weeks.
  • Video taped the daughter crying when he picked her up from the day care...instead of consoling the daughter.  Gave the tape to Child Welfare Services.
  • Accused him of sexually molesting the son anyway!  Then lame azz goes to the police station to 'turn himself in'.  Why the Lord only knows?
Oh the list goes on, but those are a few of the highlights.

So why do I care?  Because I guess he is telling me the shyt.  I think he has no one else to tell it to.  I think he tells me so that I will jump on his bandwagon with him against her.  But the truth is that all it did was made me focus on him.

In my life I never met such a punk azz, grown azz man.  It's soooo unattractive.  It's sooooo pussyfied. 

Even though I am (or was) his friend I have to be honest.  I have lost respect for him.

It may be wrong.  But that's just how I feel about it.  Who wants to be around a lame?

I have tried to help, offer advice, and refer him to help for dads.  I even suggested that he speak to therapist about managing his bad azz daughter.

Point blank...just too f*cking NICE and way too focused on being the 'bigger man'.  I think he feels that if he gets fired up he is losing control. 

I would have never thought that I would be annoyed at someone that was TOO NICE, but it's true.

Call it wrong.  Call it f*cked up... 

but I can't stand a weenie muthafucka.  Friend or not.

And that's that.

Sorry but I just had to just get that off my chest this morning. 


  1. Woman now days can be verrrry scarrrry with the benefit of the doubt given to them by cops/court/others. But this "man" sounds hopeless. There's a big diff between being sensitive and being a chump. This guy will be kicked in the ass the rest of his life or snap and shoot everybody!!-jb

  2. Wow, this is awful on so many levels. I hope he comes to his senses, documents all this ish and takes her to court. I know some fathers think the system is against them, but with all these unfounded allegations it doesn't take much to figure out what that chick is up to. What a shame.

  3. OMG! I honestly feel sorry for him! I've met a few guys who are being manipulated in relationships like that and it's very sad! Maybe if he gets too angry he might flip out! Who knows why he holds back, but he needs some real help and guidance from a seasoned older man. Where is his father??? grandfather?? Poor man!

    That said I FEEL you. When I have to hear or see the stuff I see going on with the two fellas I know falling for this mess. I scream on the inside. I really want to be Celie and say beat her. I know that is soooo beyond wrong but I have NEVER in my life seen two chicks that need to be donkey kicked in the face! Yep in the face!

  4. Actually this guy is over 50 years old.

  5. But I agree with you Gorgeous...she needs a donkey kick in the face for real. But my friend needs a donkey kick in his azz too.

  6. Oh and jb, he is not the type to least not to me. I don't see it in him. AT ALL!

  7. @ Curvy...

    Ummm, I don't know what it will take for him to come to his senses. I have been listening to him for years and his thought process is kind of unique. He is very angry and bitter at the baby momma (who is about 40ish). He is over 50 and has dealt with conflict in certain ways all of his life, and this is just a situation that he can't apply that 'let's be friends and break bread' strategy that he has been using all of his life.

    He has an attorney but I think that attorney is feeding off of his passiveness and not taking action on his behalf like he should. I think he thinks of others before himself too much - and that is something that I am trying to stop doing myself.

  8. Wow 50??????????? I don't know what to say SMH!

  9. 50+ and going through stupid sh*t like that there?!?!?! That's crazy!!! -- Dude needs to re-evaluate his life ---> STAT!

  10. laaawd she need somebody to stomp a mudhole in her ass and he need somebody to slap the cowpiss out his ass..where the fuck is his balls? that shit got me hooot lol