Friday, October 22, 2010


Random thoughts.  I was sitting here thinking that I need to get a fresh wig this weekend.

Then I realized something...

I will show a dude the hair on my coochie before I show him the real hair on my damn head! 

He can get all close up and personal down there but when it comes to my head --- ain't no way he gonna see my real damn hair until I get to know him first. 

Dude:  "Why you always wearing that scarf? Let me see your real hair."

Me:  "Nuh uh.  You don't EVEN know me like that and we ain't even serious!  Who do YOU think you are asking me that?  You gettin' way too personal."

But we both laying on the bed naked.

LOL.  Ain't that a trip?

Even if my coochie hair needs a little trimming, I still won't hide it.  If he wanna look; I'll let him look.  Put yo' face right there, baby.

But let my scarf start to come off during sex and everything stops.  I start pulling, yanking, and adjusting like a crazy woman.  "Wait, wait!  Let me fix my scarf!"

WTF.  My belief is that we gotta build sumthin for MONTHS before I let you see the hair on my head --- but not for my coochie? 

I'm not bald or anything so what's my problem? My hair comes to below my ears when I press it out, but on a regular day I'm really an Undercover Celie with those little cornrows and/or braids all around.  And on top of that it's frizzy cuz I don't have a perm.  I call it an AF-RAID sometimes.  It becomes an afro and braid combo if I let it go too long without rebraiding it. 

Shyt, I don't even like looking at it my damn self sometimes.  I just sit that wig on it and I'm out.  LOL.

Jheri Curl in the movie Hollywood Shuffle

Yeah Jheri Curl, I know EXACTLY how you feel.  If my wig or scarf ever came off during sex this is EXACTLY the expression that I would have on my face.  And my hand would be scretched out like that too.  "I'm still the same girl baby!  You still like me right?  Don't leave me! Don't leave meeeeeee!"


(talkin' to myself)

"That's a hell of a complex you got there." 
Wooooow.  But dudes don't even care though most times.  They don't press you about seeing your real hair.  Fake hair is just accepted nowadays.


I gotta think on this some more and come back to it. 


AND SORRY MEADOW, WILLOW, SASSAFRASS OR WHATEVER YO' NAME IS...I DO NOT WHIP MY 'REAL' HAIR FOR DAMN NOBODY OUT OF THE GATE.  Cuz please believe if I do for a man, we betta be in some heavy rotation on the relationship front.  Word up.


  1. OMG, this made me LOL! Have you seen that documentary/movie "Good Hair" with Chris Rock? Totally on point about the way we feel about our hair.

    It's taken me a long time to leave that. Whole nutha story.

    Really like your blog. Following. :-)

  2. No I never saw that movie but I need to. Yeah the hair thing is crazy right? What goes on under my wig is a phenomenon to say the least.