Friday, October 22, 2010

I Almost Did It...

His d*ck was right there in my face.  But I didn't do it although I was tempted.  Real tempted.  My hand was on it.  I was stroking it.  Looking at it.  Imagining it.

But I told him to get off me.

Then he asked me, "Who you trying to be all nice girl for now?"


I'm being good for Mister.

But Mister is too f*ckin' busy.  I posted that I wasn't sure about his azz when he told me he worked a few jobs.  That was a red flag that I was hoping would not be a problem but it has been a REALLY BIG PROBLEM and now I'm getting annoyed.  So when this throwback d*ck showed up at my place I was contemplating getting some of it to break this spell Mister has over me.

Then I thought.  I could jinx myself.  I could jinx us.  If I f*ck him then I'll put that negative shyt in the universe and then maybe me and Mister will be doomed.

So I decided to pass on it.  I got me a new purse though cuz when he came over he brought me a gift.  So it wasn't a total loss.  LOL. 

There was also something else too.  The throwback d*ck didn't look that good to me for some reason.  I wasn't excited about it and it didn't look as thick and juicy as it used to look back in our kickin' it days.  Did it get smaller?  Does that happen to dudes as they get older?  I gotta check into that.  I thank the lawd though because if it was looking nice no tellin' what I would have done.

As for Mister though...he is walking on thin ice.  He's just too busy.  Weekends.  Weekdays.  He's gonna lose me if he doesn't show and prove.  I went on another date just to keep my options open.  He seemed nice but his hair was bothering me.  Who the f*ck still wears cornrows after age 35?  And his feet looked so tiny in those Tims he had on. Sigh.    He saw me bartending and I had these licorice-looking leggings on and he was getting all hot and bothered (according to his texts to me), so I think I got him where I want him.  If we go out again I'll try to touch it to see wassup.  I'll take him to the mall and wait until I pick something out and then do it.  Maybe I'll get some free shyt. 



  1. Oh.Em.Gee...Cornrows at 35?! #dead


  2. ROFL! Girl, you are too funny.

    I think cornrows after 21 should be a Federal offense :-)