Monday, October 4, 2010

Is Your D*ck *THAT* Big????

From my phone:

9:35pm.  Sitting on bus. Heading home from the city after just having the BEST KISSING session with my new sweetie.  Back against the wall.  Kissing under the umbrella in the rain as the rest of NYC passed us by.  Whew.  I had no panties on with a dress so I had to stand up on the subway to the bus station cuz...uh, the kitty was a bit moist.  :) I'm telling you, the shyt was that hot.

I'm fanning myself just thinking about it! 

Ahem.  Ok, um back to the bus ride.

So I get on bus and there is one last seat next to a brutha; a rare sight on my bus route back to Ecuador/my town. 

"Excuse me." 

First I had to ask him to move his damn bag so I could sit down.  That's a bad sign right there cuz the bus was crowded and no one asked him to move his stuff.  This was the last seat.


Now I have been sitting here all of about three minutes, and lawd I feel that I am about to lose it in about 30 seconds with this fool. 

Why?  Because I totally hate when guys sit with their legs wide open like their d@ck is so muthafuckin big that they can't close their legs! I hate that shyt for real.  Here I am sitting with his thigh touching mine, his foot touching mine, and his arm touching mine.  And he is just busy pounding away on his Iphone playing some damn game.  YOU'RE. TOUCHING. ME!!!!  Every second I'm hating you more with your big Charlie Brown headed self.  I wanna smack you. 


I swear...I'm like 15 seconds from telling him about his azz. He is just all up in my personal space and ruining my high from lip locking.

Damn you arrogant bastard!!!






10 seconds.

Good.  Someone just got up so I'm moving.  Consider yourself lucky muthafucca.  I hope u lose that f*ckin game you playin'.


  1. i thought i was the only person that hated when someone else touched me. Like, why is your arm resting on my arm. MOOOOOVE! Lol

  2. I thought I had commented on this! Girl you are too funny. I hate this too! I really do want to know if it's that BIG cause I swear! Dude close your legs. I do NOT like to be touched by strangers! It's GROSS!