Thursday, December 30, 2010

Is It Wrong...

  • Is it wrong for me to look at somebody's kid and say in my head that he or she is kinda strange looking and not cute? 
  • Is it wrong for me to say that my cousin's son looks like a Tweety Bird?

    Big forehead.  Big ol' eyes.  Wispy strands of hair on his head.  That's him allright.
  • Is it wrong for me to say that my cousin's other son looks like a rat in the face and that he has a huge damn head?
  • Is it wrong for me to say that my other cousin is a bougeoise rich brat and that I don't care if we ever talk again?
  • Is it wrong for me to say that I really don't give a f*ck about the "We're family" philosophy and that I don't have to like you because we are family?
  • Is it wrong for me to see kids running in places where they shouldn't be and wish they would fall and bust their azz so they can sit down somewhere?
  • Is it wrong me for me to wonder how the hell you are allowed to bartend with rotten azz teeth in your mouth?  Yep, this was my co-worker at this other bar I worked at for a minute.  Would you wanna a drink from someone looking like this?

It was a low budget bar and needless to say I am not there anymore.

  • Is it wrong of me to fan my hands in the air when those Chinese chicks sit next to me and release their stanking breath in the air?
  • Is it wrong of me to be in the locker room at the gym and look at someone and think "Damn her body is f*cked up"?  (Hell, is it wrong for somebody to look at me in the locker room and say the same thing?"  LOL)
  • Is it wrong of me to dump you if your d*ck is kinda small?
  • Is it wrong of me to dump you if I don't like the way you f*ck?  Why waste each other's time?
  • Is it wrong of me to see a guy walk by and imagine them naked and think the word "Yeesh"?  Especially those dudes with those high,wide boodies.  They are the worst!
  • Is it wrong of me to have called the state on the other bar I was working at when the owner didn't admit that she owed me $40?
  • Is it wrong of me to have called the Department of Labor on a former employee when I saw her azz working in a bootleg CD store and she was still getting unemployment checks from me?

  • Is it wrong of me to have told Pretty Brown that I wanted to sit on his d*ck right at midnight on NYE (along with some other things)? I know, I know.  I shouldn't have done that.  Not gonna happen anyway. 
  • Is it wrong that I let Cornrows eat the box and I don't even like his azz...especially his hair?  His face ain't bad though.  Hell he kept asking...(shrugs shoulders) and I was in a drought.  It wasn't bad.  I give him an 8.  I was there 15 minutes and left cuz I had to go to work.  Now that's how you work that shyt!  Bounce just like they azzes do.  I doubt if I do it again though.  We'll see.  The toy is cool enough for me.
These are just some thoughts that I had as I get ready for the New Year.  I was just reflecting a little bit.  My moms is always telling me that I am wrong about this or that so I'll just put myself on blast this time.

I wanna go out New Year's Eve.  I wanna go out because I have these new pants and I want to wear them.  It's the day before and I still don't know what I'm doing.  I'll be mad if I don't go out.  The clock is ticking. 
My co-worker at the bar called me Christmas Day asking why I was all 'booed up' with her man.  WTF?  I didn't know he was your man and who in the hell told you that?  I wasn't hardly booed up with that nucca is what I told her.  His azz was on me!  Wasn't you the one who told me not to f*ck anybody in that bar anyways?  But here you go dealing with someone in the bar yo' damn self.  Gurl bye. 

In the subway this chick had dryer sheets sticking out of her gym shoes like ruffles.  Had nothing on her legs in 20 degree weather looking like Little Orphan Annie.  I had to giggle when I walked by her.   I bet she thought that crazy shyt was hott too.

You what's up girl, ain't gotta ask it

I dead em all now, I buy the caskets
They should arrest you or whoever dressed you
Ain't gon stress you, but ima let you know

Girl you be killin em
You be killin em
Girl you be killin em
You be killin em

Yeah she was DEFINITELY killing something with those dryer sheets.  I know it be stinking in the subway sometimes but did she have to take it that far?  It was almost as crazy looking as this big giant azz dog I saw with shoes on all four of his feet one night.  Too funny.


  1. HAHAHA...No it is not wrong of you...All of those things are so on point...well except talking bout Tweety....err I mean your think that about the kid but find something nice to say like "wow...nice outfit" LOL

  2. Funny to read this because a few weeks ago I was thinking of starting my own 'honesty post' series saying things just like this. There's nothing really wrong with it because you're just voicing what everyone else thinks but doesn't have the guts to say and you're doing it in a safe outlet. No worries, hear? ;-)

    Have a great start to 2011!