Friday, December 10, 2010

"This Ho Got Problems"

I happened to Google my blog and found this forum where someone had linked my blog.  It was kinda shocking to read how they were roasting my azz on that Ten Confessions blog that I posted:

"Typical black female."
"She need help."

But I thought that the statement,"This ho got problems" was straight hilarious!  I had to laugh at that one.  Um, who doesn't?

When I first saw the forum my heart was in my throat, but hey, it is what it is.  No one likes to get talked about but when you put your personal shyt out there people will have their say.  I would be a fool to think everyone will cosign how I live my life.  So if I'm a hoe then I am a brave hoe that's for sure.  I'll take the good with the bad.


The double standard is alive and well in America.  Dudes can brag about what they do but a female can't talk about herself?  That's why I guess my shyt is so intriguing and is worth reposting I guess.  You never know what the f*ck people do in their lives - people just don't say it.  Dudes are down low gay, metrosexual, still feel some type of way because some girl broke their heart, f*ck around on their girlfriends and their wives, lie and everything else but alla that is cool.  I blog about a lot of different shyt on here and I don't write to get high fives and for 'do you girl' comments.  I blog because I feel like it.  I like to write.  The blog could be private but it's not.  I ain't making no one read this.  You choose to read it.  You choose to take time to read here and then go back, login at another site, and then comment it.  You only know what I write here, so run with it homies.  The girl or wife you're with could be or may have been the person that you try to make me out to be.  You probably would never really know would you?  Would she tell you?  Probably not.  Or your mom, sister, cousin, coworker, boss.  What about those freaky pictures you took together huh bruh?  You think that's the first time she did that with a dude?  Nah, of course not!  You're the first!  So do you really know?  Apparently it's probably better if you didn't based on the comments in that forum because your egos couldn't handle it.  Maybe you don't care?  Ding, ding, ding!  Exactly!  You're just worried about what she does with you to make it easier on YOURSELF and your state of mind.  Yeah, I know and I do understand.  This blog could all be fact.  It could all be fiction.  It could be part fact, part fiction.  Shock value.  Embellished.  I could be talking about one dude or ten dudes here.  It's funny...all very funny.  Eat it up.  If I talk about small dick or a wide boodie or a big gut that is no diff than a dude saying they like a 'redbone' or big boobs or a big azz or a big girl or a skinny chick.  But I'm wrong  for saying what I say?  Liking what I like?  Whew.  Hilarious.  Age and life experience will change that mentality both men and women.  Hold your applause please.  I know what I said was friggin' great! 

(takes bow)

I also look at this way, I guess what I wrote was interesting enough to get posted on another forum for commentary so I'll take that as a COMPLIMENT!!!   That explains why I got so many hits on the blog the weekend after Thanksgiving.  It was crazeeee.  They were quoting me and obviously read a few tidbits so that's aiight with me.  No new followers but that's aiight.  I'm still feelin' groovy and brave - so brave that I will share the forum ABOUT ME with the few folks that trip by here. 

 (ahh I removed the link when the year started...moving on)

"And my attitude's so chill and so breezy.
In my designer suit own little way I make this look easy.
Sexy baby, don't you dare act like you don't see feel me.
Baby I know you see feel me."


Ok so one of the posters CAME BACK and sent me a really nice, heartfelt response  (see below).  Hi Don of All Dons from projectcovo!!!!   He wrote, "She found out we were talking about her!"

I'm a savvy hoe aren't I?

Then he reposted my blog on the forum this morning.  I guess he wants to keep this going?  Why I don't know.  I guess it will be more of the same type of 'ish'.  This is my blog and I can talk about what I want.  Like it; love it; hate it.  I can't control how anyone feels.
I mean really.

(throws hands up)

Wooooww!  This is getting interesting.  Mad people coming over here from there today.  Anyway.   I have other posts to make so this one is gonna have to take a backseat.  Got a prop to get some cunnilingus before I go bartend tonight.  Hmmm...still deciding if I'll take him up on that offer.  Don't think I'll be able to squeeze that in because I have to meet someone about renting a new space to reopen my business.  But if I do make it over there, I might even write about it on this damn blog.  Or I might not. We shall see.

"My neck,
my back,
my 'uh' ,
yeah like that.
Lick it now,
Lick it good..."

This gets no more energy from me.  Keep reading.  Keep criticizing.  Pick excerpts and repost it all you want.  You only know what I write here and the way I write it.  Thanks for all the new traffic to the blog suga.  That will be my positive position on alla this.



  1. um, that is HARSH!

    well, in the words of kanye "screams from the haters got a nice ring to it, i guess every superhero needs his theme music...."

    well, i love you!

  2. ^^^

    And to you Miss V...

    Love ya back. And thanks for that Kanye snipet. :)

    Coming over to your blog today to check it out!

    *fist pump*

  3. This type of straight up HATE makes me so MAD! I HATE all of them. I mean REALLY?? They linked your blog so they could talk about you??? Those fools need to get a life for real. People do have problems! I bet if we got a peek into their lives we would see some foul ish!

    If I wasn't trying to stop cussin I would be going OFF right now! I'm pissed!

    You keep it so real here and don't stop!

  4. The judgmental comments were way outta pocket...they don't know you...all they see is what you've allowed to be displayed and that's no reason to throw you under a bus. It's a BLOG...a place for YOU to express whatever THEE f*ck you want without having to be criticized for it. I bet they keep coming back to read your blog though...I BET!

  5. Keep it coming hun! No shade coming from me!! Luv ya!

  6. Haters mean you are doing something right....the funny thing is...they kept reading LMAO....

  7. People just LUV to HATE!!

    Whats that line
    "You can call me anything you want just don't call me late for dinner"

  8. Never mind what haters say, Ignore 'em till they fade away - T.I

    I'll tell you this much: you're a strong & brave woman!
    Keep your head up. Keep being strong


  9. Hey thanks everyone for the great comments. Every one of them helped. I have some really cool people that read here, and probably some not so cool people, but I love it either way.

    And Newy you have a good point...they kept reading? Giggle. And it was different posts than the one the person linked? But like Tiff said, you gotta ignore people till they fade away. Tiff you CONTINUE to be strong. Your energy is great.

    And Starrla...I hope they do keep reading. Maybe at least one might shoot back over here one day.

    jb - Smooches. Smooches. Smooches.

  10. are too much! Lemme check that vid you got. It betta not be Claudine clips!

    Jetaime - Big hug. Luv ya back. I'll be over to ya blog today.

  11. Wait...Let me get this straight...They came to YOUR blog, read YOUR post(s), started a forum allllll about it but claim you're the one with problems??? LMAO

    Clearly, I'm not the only one who would liken that to the pot calling the kettle black.

    Girl all I'ma say is let your haters be your motivators and a word of advice to them: If you don't like the blog content feel free to keep it movin'! *It's REALLY as simple as that*

  12. Hey there, I'm actually a poster from this site, I was the one quoted as saying "This Ho got problems" I didn't think that you'd actually read my post. But regardless of that I still think you have problems and you are indeed a ho! Reading your blog is like watching a car driven by a drunk driver careening down the road you know something horrible will happen and you can't stop it but you're drawn to it to see just how bad it will end up.
    You rapidly admit to having problems with complexion and you seem filled with self hate and you seem to consider yourself worthless. I'd like nothing more than for you to overcome your obvious hang ups and live a nice happy life but in the mean time I'll continue to watch you sink deeper and deeper.


  13. ^^^ OMG. You are too funny! Well one of posters was right in saying that you would be back!

    (waves at Starrla Monae)

    You likey what I write on here huh?

    Well thanks for again for showing me how you feel. You only know what I write here so if you have surmised that I am a hoe then cool. AGAIN I am a brave hoe for even posting your comment today. (pats self on back)

    One thing though, is that I didn't insult you on here now did I? I posted my reaction which was that I thought it was funny. So that makes me a classy hoe then right? I even told my friends about that forum and they laughed too because they KNOW ME and know that's a joke to call me those things.

    Anyway bro, everyone has issues, including you. Who is the bigger person in this scenario here? You come back and insult me further and you don't even know me. My post remained positive despite you guys trying to roast me. But yet, you continue to come back and try to hurt me but at the same time telling me that you hope things get better? Yeah ok.

    Well keep reading. I have waaaay more stuff to talk about. Hope you like it!

  14. LOL @ the stalker coming back to comment on your "problems" as they call it. I've been reading your blog for a while and it's really entertaining and I admire your honesty. Trust me, you say things a lot of people only think so I applaud you for that. The person above is probably just a jealous loser. Keep doing you and best of luck in everything. I will keep reading for the laughs and wisdom you impart :)

  15. Thank you ^^^ for taking the time to write this! It made me smile to get it. This is so cool. Hey, sometimes I am reluctant to write certain things on here but at times I take the chance and go for it. It's kind of liberating actually. I'll keep on going. Lots of things on my mind and I go thru a lot of mind trip shyt and this is the place where I can let it all go. And sometimes with a little humor....:).

    Hope you stick around in 2011.

    I got two followers this week! Woo hoo!