Wednesday, June 9, 2010

BJ Class or Not???

I keep going back and forth about signing up for this BJ (blow job) class.  Why? 

Because the shyt costs $48!!!!  I mean who is the instructor?  How experienced is she (or he)?  Will they have references and testimonials for us to read?  Videos to watch?  How do I know if they know what they are doing themselves?  I have questions!!!!

(pounds fist on table)

So what am I sacrificing if I go....
  • I would have to wait on the shoes I have on my Wish List at Zappos (ok I can do that).
  • Or not buy lottery tickets for two weeks (now that'll be hard).
  • Or not buy a new hairdo (I have a fresh one not even opened yet so I'm good).
  • And no restaurant reward for hitting the gym all week.  That means cancelling my two piece spicy white with mashed potatoes and an extra biscuit from Popeyes (as long as I don't walk by there and see the pictures on the window I MIGHT be able to pull that off.)
So I'm thinking and thinking.  The class has definitely got me interested.  I might post part of the class description later??  I'm sure it will be fun, but I can have fun other ways for less than $50 right?  I keep going to the website and filling in the info and then I keep cancelling the transaction.  I am not only broke azz woman but a cheap azz one too I guess.  I'll decide tonight.  I'm leaning towards the "No" side strictly because of the price.

We will see...

UPDATE:  Ok I emailed the promoter today and they said that the course is being taught by a man.  He has a Masters in Human Sexuality from NYU and has worked for several 'sex positive groups'.  What's a sex positive group?  Blank stare.  Anyway, they gave me a discount code that shaves off $10.  Hmmm....
In the meantime, Filipino dude wants to go out tonite.  I said yes.  I wonder what in the world he is gonna be asking me/confessing to me this time.  I'm expecting that he will want to have some 'You and Me' convos since he has confessed his admiration for me. 

Oh boy. 

But wait, you know it may not be so bad though.  Maybe he will put a few more of his cards on the table, and I might be able to tell where he is really coming from tonight. 
Trust no one.


  1. wait a minute... like Blow Job classes? 50 bucks when you can just ask me??? Give me 30.00 and i'll show you my diagram Mr. Banenis with instructions and pressure points.

    My friend Reese wants to know who's teaching this class... Mr. Marcus?

  2. Hey Khaki!

    Word! It better be Mr. Marcus for $48! Or damn close. I was like if the class is $50, what are hoes charging these days? Those NYC prices.

    Who is Mr. Banenis? I hope that wasn't a stupid question? LOL!!!

  3. A BJ class??? WOW...They have those??? ::in shock::
    CLEARLY, I have to get out more! LOL

  4. ah- ha... go to my blog and search for Banenis in my tags... and then read that post... and dont call me a fool when youre done LOL

  5. wrote it on 7/1.... accepting the 30 dollars via paypal too

  6. Khaki,

    Ok I read it! I barely finished the first paragraph and my eyes were watering. For real. That post was SERIOUS - goddamn! LOL!!!! Loved it!!! But I gave in to my curiosity and signed up yesterday - for the bargain price of $36.72 (the bastards even charged tax!). I used my discount d*ck code that I found somewhere on the net. Haha. Supposedly I get a manual too. So....I will definitely see how what DUDE says compares to what Da'Locker says. Dude vs. Diva. It does down (pun intended lol!) tomorrow night in NYC.

  7. I read Khaki's post and compared to the BJ sessions I have seen on Cinemax and what I used to do with my ex husband I say that she is pretty good at describing it. I enjoyed doing it and that made him enjoy it. It is a power trip too. You have your man in the palm of your hand, literally.

    But Khaki, I didn't like for him to reciprocate at the same time (69)because I could not concentrate!! LOL

    I can't wait to hear the verdict...

  8. Sign up Sign up Sign up... if for nothing else a GREAT blog post!!! Please believe I will be doing a Google search for a class in the LA area right about...NOW!

  9. Interesting post - I would think that the only guideline is enthusiasm. I mean how can you go wrong, when in doubt hum :) It's like that old saying "there is no such thing as "bad" sex" only good and great!!!! I'll gladly provide some "tips" (smile) and I'll give you a free set of Shammy wipes!!!

  10. "when in doubt hum"

    Did you mean like 'HUM'?

    Serious question Mr. Anonymous...

  11. You know HUM (good vibrations) B Boy style (OK Beach boy style). Why spend $50 bucks and buy the cow/bull when you can get the milk for free (lol). Are we forgetting what this blog is about again???
    I find it hard to believe that I said anything out of bounds so was the "jb that is ^^^^^ " said tongue in cheek - no pun intended (haha)

  12. I'm concerned that you feel like you need to pay to learn how to give head. Practice makes perfect. Find a willing test dummy that will return the favor and you will be fine. I do think there is such thing as bad oral but that usually has to do with lack of enthusiasm and not bad technique.

  13. Hi Vin!

    Nah I was really going out of curiousity and to see if there was anything that I didn't know. Believe me, I have practiced! LOL. Actually I did go and learned a little more about a man's body.

    Ur right about the enthusiasm. That's what the instructor said too. I gotta post on it soon when I get my thoughts straight. Thanks for following me. I likes your blog!

  14. Oh Mr. Anonymous somehow your post is not here? No you didn't say anything out of bounds. Not at all! LOL. I wanted make sure that I understood that tip! I heard it at the class and it sounded like you were cosigning what the instructor said, but I wanted to be sure.

  15. I see your post now.

    Oh the jb thing no pun intended!!!

    I thought I only had one Mr. Anonymous....

  16. There IS only one Mr. Anonymous - that u have :).

    What's the world coming too a BJ instructor - maybe I'm in the wrong profession. But I guess I would have to be Johnny Wad HUGE (or risk your blogs ridicule) plus I would need to figure out were to get my credentials and a student loan (lol).
    PS: Don't tell me the "instructor" wanted to give you his "tip" already?????

  17. Awww jb...come on. LOL. That 'tip' was given to all the gals in the class.

    He actually discussed size too, but I don't talk about EVERYBODY on here. See that's why I don't tell people about this blog too much. They would wonder if I'm gonna talk about them on here - which I might......

    I have been educated about size since the class though. And NO, you don't have to be Johnny Wad Huge (LOL). But seriously, isn't there SOMETHING about a female's anatomy that you probably would not RATHER compromise on if you didn't have to?

    Be honest.

  18. Your right and you already know the answer somewhat - and over the years I've compromised on even that. I went from Serena size to nicely shaped - it occurred to me what am I going to do with all that on a daily bases???? You also have to acknowledge that some folks have lived off there visual assets so long that other then that there is not much there.