Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day #271: Trying To Get Motivated

...to write. 

Feeling a little mixed up lately ya know? 

I think once I get this message out to those attorneys that I want my money then I can go back to my old writing self.  I told my chicken shyt co-worker who referred me to them to at least call them and tell them that he won't be referring anyone else to them.  He's hesitating but I'm gonna be on his azz about it anyway.  The call may not change anything with the attorney but at least it will make me feel better.

Oh before I go let me talk about Jean Claude Van Damn He's Nasty.  He was just aiight (well a little better than aiight),  but I don't think he and I would get along honestly.  He acts like he is working for the CIA or some shyt and he won't say nothing about himself.  Big turn off.  Everything is  'I don't wanna talk about it" or "I don't wanna discuss that."  I should have said well just pull your d*ck out then and don't say sh*t cuz u f*ckin' with my damn mood!!!  Ugh!!  He was supposed to be taking my mind off things but all he did was annoy me with his ways.  Boy bye.

I called somebody from Match.com though.  His user name is husky*** something.  Oh lawd.  That name probably says it all.  And why is it that everyone who winks at me on Match.com is over 40?  Some are even 50.  White dudes too. I can't be in the cougar club with that kind of action.   Mmmm....I wonder are they really serious to be trying to wink at me though.  You would think nobody wanted a chocolate girl based on the shyt I read on mediatakeout sometimes.  I guess the white men will take us?  Or are they trying to live out a fantasy?  I wonder. 

Anyway, I'll come back.  My mind ain't right today.  So many things I wanna say but I guess I just don't feel like saying it right now!  :-)  I'm trying to formulate my post about the blow job class so I can get that off my list.  Why am I procrastinating?  If Jean Claude Van Damn He's Nasty had acted right I would have practiced on him a little bit, but he talked himself right outta that real fast.

Oh well.


  1. Excellent Blog post. Just stay focused, Look at the big picture and don't give up. Let the breeze from within carry you into the sunset


  2. When are dudes gonna learn to just shut up and let it happen? Keep your head up!

  3. @poetiqroses....

    Love that comment! Love it. Thank you.


    Yeah bruh is little too SPECIAL for me. I got some, and I took it for what it was worth - and that is that! He is far away in Arizona so that makes things a lot easier. :)

  4. poetiqroses summed it up eloquently and besides Mama said there be days like that! Heh 36 + 2 anonymous's (I can't even be a legend in my own mind anymore :). Have a great and long weekend.

  5. "I find it crazy that you had to file for bankruptcy and yet you can afford an iPhone and gym membership."

    LOL. LOL. LOL.

    Someone sent this to me yesterday. Pretty funny isn't it? I had to laugh, and I told my friends and they laughed too. Why didn't you ask how could I afford internet service and food too? So I guess I'm supposed to be eating Alpo because I filed bankruptcy?

    I guess I'm living high on the hog because I have a gym membership that costs about $15 a month? So people who have gym memberships are living in the lap of luxury huh? I can't believe how I would have the nerve to live so extravangantly and waste $15 like that!!!! Shame on me! So f*ck trying to stay healthy and in shape right? I could have bought 15 hamburgers off the dollar menu with that money and cut them in half and had 30 lunches for the month. Damn, what was I thinking?

    Oh and how about that iPhone question? Well...I lost my phone after the bankruptcy was done. Yeah go figure. Since the fuckers decided to keep my phone and use it to make calls, I had to get another one. I didn't want a damn iPhone, but when AT&T took off $425 and included other things in the deal I went ahead and paid cash for it. Yep I actually had some cash!!! OMG. You're allowed to have some money in your bank when you file bankruptcy silly rabbit.

    So you find it crazy huh?

    Well I find it crazy that someone scratched up my damn car in December for no reason.

    I find it crazy that I got a 65 cents raise last year.

    I find it crazy that someone put a gun to the back of my head and tried to kill me two years ago.

    I find it crazy that I paid my attorneys over $10K and they didn't do shyt for me.

    I find it crazy that people kill each other over nothing every day.
    LOL!!! It's not my job to educate you on how bankruptcy works dumb commenter, nor did I really even have to explain myself either. Hell, I could have just deleted your comment and moved on. You sent me that comment like I'm living on f*ckin' easy street. Yep, living on easy street with f*cked up credit because I tried to own a business. If you had read thru the beginning posts on this blog then you would have seen what I was trying to do to avoid bankruptcy.

    An-e-way. I hope you come back on here like I see you do every once in awhile and see this post. A lot of people were sitting in the damn room with me at the bankruptcy hearing. All colors and races. I did what was best at the time and now my life begins again. I think that your comment really told a lot about how you have a wrong perception of bankruptcy and what it means. Honestly, you sound as if you are a cheap azz because you even think that a gym membership is too much.

    Oh snap! My iPhone is ringing and I gotta take my broke azz to the dentist. Or should I let my teeth rot out now that I am bankrupt?

    *rolls eyes*

    Thanks for the laugh u silly country azz bird.

  6. *starts the slow hand clap movement :)*

    Grr smh @ the ignorance!