Monday, August 23, 2010

Day #323: Four Days and You're Done Son

Ok, ok.  Gettin' my mind right for the NYC Cougars and Cubs shing ding tomorrow night.  I'm gonna hit it up after the gym (and a shower of course).  Supposed to be nasty weather and a few backed out because they didn't like the time so....we shall see.

In other news...
I met a guy last Friday, and it was over by Tuesday.  I shut 'em down. 

Age 36 from Detroit.  Kids 20, 15, and 3.

Basically he told me that he was too smart and well read and that he couldn't learn anything from a female at this point in his life.  Say what?  Um you cute and all  but that statement was waayyy too cocky for me.  And besides that he wanted to challenge me on every damn thing that I said!  We were straight arguing up in the bar okay?  So I end the night in a classy way, he walks me to the subway, and he tries to say something slick in my ear to butter me up.  Too late!  I like smart brothas but smart azz brothas ain't nothing but a headache.

So the next day he sends me a message talking about he wanted me so bad and blah, blah, blah.   How is that when you basically said that I couldn't stimulate you because you are some highly intellectual being from Planet Michigan? 

I never showed my annoyance though, even in my texts.  I was cool breeze about it and responded, but I also said peace and hair grease at the same time.  Goodbye!

His response, "Damn.  You sent me the farwell text."

Yessir, I did.  How ya like me now?

So why two days later did he text me asking, "So are you through with me already?"

Negro please.

You're so damn smart but I guess you wasn't smart enough to figure out I was through with you days ago?  What else do you need me to say?

I'm telling you these dudes think they got game and they ain't got shyt.  I guess because I didn't get mad and loud he didn't know that I was done with his azz?  Puhleeze.  I don't wanna hear all that lip about how I could never measure up to you, and then you turn around talking about 'wanting me' the next day!  Probably just another nicca on an azz quest I bet.  But instead with this fool he got ahead of himself and was talking trash before he closed the deal.

I guess you weren't so smart after all, Charlie Brown?  Here's a song just for you bruh:

"I'm not here for your entertainment,
You don't really wanna mess with me tonight,
Just stop and take a second,
I was fine before you walked into my life,
Cuz you know it's over,
Before it begins.
Keep your drinks just give me the money!
It's just you and your hand tonight."

Random thoughts:
- Peeping Juan rearranged his shades, so now he can see me but I can't see him.  Waiting on the building to get me something for that damn bathroom window!
- Money from bartending is aiight.  Bartending in a hood bar is definitely a trip.  Black Women are a real trip when it comes to a service/customer interaction.  They just be mad for no f*ckn reason and complain about everything.  They are the ABCs - Angry Black Chicks.
- Trying to get a secured card to start rebuilding the credit profile.  It's not that easy!!!! 
- Mr. Sharpie has a very shrill voice for a man. 
- Men and Asian women.  Read something that blew my mind.  Mr. Farts and Boogers in my office likes Asian chicks and now I understand why!


  1. I just found your blog, and I read some back posts. You are hilarious girl!! I'm a new fan! Bwhahahahaha!

  2. LOL. Thanks GorgeousPuddin! I hope u come back!

  3. Just 36 and he REALLY thinks he has it all figured out already??? ::shakin' my head::

    Girl you were right to cut that sh*t short.

    It would be interesting to learn what you found out about men and asian woman. That's it...I challenge you to do a post about it! LOL

    UGGH @ ABC's. Girl they are the worst...the WORST I tell you!

  4. @ Ms. Behaving...

    Yeah some of them have been thru a lot and they now are so 'strong' all the time that it makes them just be plain annoying. Then they wonder why people don't want to serve them and stay away from their tables when they come to a restaurant or bar.