Friday, August 6, 2010

Day #309: Losing My Best Friend

I'm sad.

My cat is dying.  He can't breathe.  He won't eat.  I don't know how many days he has left.  I've had him for 16 years, ever since he was little poot butt in the pet store.  I remember the day that I got him too.  I was twenty four and had just put my little black kitten to sleep because he got sick.  His name was Cat Daddy.  Then I got Saafir.

Saafir has been my ride or die buddy for real.  We have lived in Chicago, Texas, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and the east coast.  Wherever I went, he went.  He's just like me; we would just roll up on our new spot together and make the best of it.  No problem!  And when we got tired of a situation we bounced.  No problem!  I guess now he's tired of being sick so he's letting me know that it's his time to bounce.  I'll be so sad when he's gone.

I used to get mad at him when he meowed too much or pissed on the floor.  I got mad at him the other day for pissin' on the floor but then he kept doing it anyway.  That's when I realized something was wrong with my baby.

Going to get him from the vet later. 

I'll just cuddle him a lot and let him know that I love him.  But I hope he knows that already.

Sad Friday.

(tears in my eyes)
UPDATE:  He died before I could pick him up.  He's gone. It cost $547 and I have no cat?  Wow.  That's a double gut punch.  I should have just kept him at home instead of him dying at the vet for all that money.  If I had known he was that bad I would have just kept him here and took the day off.


  1. Sorry. I don't have any pets but many of my dearest friends have lost their "babies" or "siblings" lately, so I can understand. Love him up and relish the time you have with him.

  2. Ditto to what Vin & Co. said. I had a dog for 14 yrs before he died and a parakeet (of all things) for 13 years. The parakeet was unreal, she killed every male bird (3) I got for her company until I realized what was going on. The poor male would have bald spots and then one day I caught her in the act pecking away:) Anyways my condolences - I feel you! -jb

  3. Wow. That parakeet sounds like the Black Widow. She really made it clear that she didn't need a man huh?

    But thanks jb for the comment. I don't know if I can even get another pet now. We had a long stretch together.

    I'm actually gonna get the ashes back in a little box. I wasn't expecting to do that but when they told me that they would cremate him in a mass cremation with other dogs and cats, I couldn't bear the idea of that. So the other choice was to cremate him privately and get the ashes back. It's just weird not seeing him in the apartment though. Wow.

  4. Give yourself a little time between pets. More then anything it makes mortality real and not just a concept!
    PS: Even though I bought the bird for my daughter originally - I wound up being the keeper, so I guess I was the only male she needed :)

  5. jb...

    I like what you said! Ur right. I'll wait a while.

    I wish could peck some of the dudes I knew in the head like your bird did. :)

  6. :( I'm sorry for your loss and hope you're doing okay. ((((((HUGS))))))

  7. ^^^ Thanks for the hugs girl. I'm missin' my suga bear. :(

  8. Sorry to hear about your buddy. I know how you feel. Big hugs