Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Peeping Tom

Well maybe not a Peeping Tom, but a Peeping Juan.

I got out of the shower and dried off.  I hung up my towel and went back to the sink to do my face routine. 

In the nude.

As I am putting the moisturizer on my face, I take a glance out of my bathroom window...and there he was.

He was looking through my window from his window on the floor above me.  When he noticed that I caught him, he ducked down ever so slowly and out of sight.  Some young Spanish guy.  Peeping Juan.

My heart was beating fast.  That was some wild shyt right there.

They have the wrong type of window in there any f*kn way, the glass is not frosted.  You can't even hang a curtain because it's all tile around the window.    Mothafucca probably been looking through his window at me for a while.  The most he probably saw was my boobs I think.  I don't think he could see my 'nether regions' though (I borrowed that from that funny bloggin' chick Ms. Behaving.).  But if he did then so be it.

Should I report it to the building management?  They are so damn lame though that I might end up cussing them out.  They need to buy me some of that stuff you can put on your window to make it look frosted.

Yeah, fat chance of that happening.  If I do it myself when I move out they'll probably say I f*d up the window and charge me for it.

An-e-way.  I'm not that freaked out honestly.  I should have started diggin' in my nose or diggin' in my butt when I saw him looking, and then I should have stuck my finger up in the air.

Now I think of it!  Oh well.

Then my coworker keeps bringing his azz to my desk, farting, and then walking away.  He is not doing it on purpose, but when he does it he always hurries up and leaves.  He leaves the scene of the crime and I'm sitting here in a fart cloud looking mad.  One day I'm gonna tell him about it.  For real.  I already hollered at him for diggin' in his nose last month (maybe that's where I got the idea to do that from?).  He thought I didn't see that shyt but I did.  Then when I told him he went right back to typing on his computer too.  Typing with boogers probably on his fingers.  Nasty, nasty, nasty.

Geez.  The things that I have to I deal with....and it ain't even 3 o'clock yet.


  1. LMAO @ you contemplating diggin' up your nose and sticking your finger in the air. Sad thing is, El Sicko might have gotten a kick out of that too!

    He's probably been checking you out for a minute which is SUPER scary. ::shudders @ the thought:: I'd advise you to stay alert and watch out for that mofo!

    To be a peepin tom is one thing but some of them jiggas wanna take it to a whole OTHER level.

  2. ^^^

    Hey! Yeah you're right. He probably would have liked that too. Hell he might have started diggin in his nose too to show his 'connection' to me!

    "We're soulmates!"

    But I'm aware of the situation now more than ever. There is a reason why I got the sign to glance out of the window this morning at that exact moment too.

    *eyes widening*

    It's a sign to get the f*ck outta there!

  3. Whomp Whomp on the peeping Juan just the thought makes me shutter!!

    Nasty ass co-worker!! Eww he knows he's wrong for ALLL-A-DAT.. Yea, Im gonna need him to get control of his flatulence issue ASAP!

  4. You can never be to careful nowadays there are definitely some crazies out there. But I fault your landlord more then anyone. Lets face it if I happen to look out my window and see a beautiful /sexy woman (as I am convinced you are) naked.... well need I say more. What would you do if the table was turned, no need to answer because I know what you would do and then blog about it the next day . However if he was hanging from the balcony or had a pair of binoculars then that's a whole nother level. Be safe!!!! -jb