Monday, August 23, 2010

Does a BJ From a Guy Mean Ur Gay?

Someone stumbled on here by Googling this question. 

Does a blow job from a guy mean that you're gay?

 I thought it would be a good question to ask.  Never really thought about it though...

Better yet, here's the flip side to that:

Does letting a girl go down on you mean that you're a lesbian?

With all of the 'girl on girl' stuff we see nowadays I wonder how people would respond to that!


Saw two snowbunnys putting on a show at the Giants game on Saturday.  Their two little boyfriends were loving it too.  It was just subtle stuff like cuddling and bumping coochies and boodies. Hugging each other with one standing behind the other cradling boobs.  Little 20 somethings...barely. 

When did all of this come into such popularity?  Or has it always been and because of video and the internet it's just more in our faces?  I remember when this boyfriend of mine kept hounding me to do a threesome.  Wow.  Long story.  Or how about that time when I played on this softball team and this white girl from the team called me up AT WORK asking me to get with her and her boyfriend.  Another long story.  I guess I had many adventures during my roaring twenties that I never spoke about until now.

Anyways.  Maybe someone Googled this because they slipped up!  SCANDAL!!

I wonder what came up (besides my blog) when he/she searched for it.


  1. ROFL! The things people search for make you wonder. One of my posts is titled "Welcome to My Porn Site!" in response to being added to a site under the porn category. No harm no foul but I can only imagine their disappointment when they don't see any titillating pics or vids. *devilish snicker*

  2. Hey Curvy! You too huh? It's crazy right? That title of the post about the porn site was pretty clever. OMG someone added your site to a porn site listing. That's funny. I guess maybe I should backtrack because maybe that's how these people are turning up here??? That's why I try to spell curse words a little differently because lawd knows who will show up if I spell the words outright.

    I bet when they come on this site they are gone in a flash! They surely ain't looking for 'words' - at least for some of them.

  3. Funny you should pose this question when it's a subject that a friend and I butt heads about all the time...

    You see I think any woman or man who knowingly allows a person of the same sex to be intimate with em' in any way is homosexual or at the very least, bisexual while my friend thinks they are simply curious.

    That's not to say I have anything against people who do but just that it's my opinion one would NEVER be open to it unless it's something they've secretly thought about doing before. ::shrug::

  4. ^^ Hey again Ms. Behaving. Thanks for posting a comment on this. That's what I wanted to see what was people's opinion on that. Your point of view is interesting! I'm gonna ask around though for sure. I do believe that there are 'curious' folk out there though.

  5. hmmm... I agree with Ms. Behaving 1000%. To a hetero person the mere thought is so ingrained that it is impossible to conceive. I would assume that to a true homosexual person the same rule applies. I've seen men that I thought were handsome but it would never occur to me to let him blow me. I think the real issue is that folks don't want to own up to their true orientation/desire's because of the stigma attached - "curious" is so much easier to say. If the desire for same sex is your thing well - it is what it is - own it *wink*! :) There's room on this earth for all of Gods children!
    PS: Since I am a hopeless male hetero the thought of me and 2 bi-woman does have special appeal :) -jb

  6. Lol @ jb!!! U guys are too much! I guess I'll never understand what turns men on with that???

  7. It's so simple 2 x anything good is even better. If your visual imagination is anything like mine just think of the positional picture. You can't lose :)
    Which brings me to a question I would like to ask of the lady's is the thought of 2 bi-men have the same appeal? If so does that also count if penetration is involved?
    Although I'm no BIG fan of anal with a woman I've tried it. But the thought of that with 2 guys makes me wince. Would that be considered a form of prejudiced???? (lol)-jb
    PS: Was your comment above all you took from my message. No mention of the rest of the convo? - over site or what hmmm.... No disrespect intended (lol)but your usually very opinionated!!!

  8. Nah that was my quickie response. I'll dig in lata when I get off the plantation. Honestly though I never really thgt about any of it but the comments are making me think a little harder on it. I'll get at cha lata today! Lol

  9. Ok two times anything is good? So two men and one about that scenario. Even with that it's good for the men! When does 2x become good for the female?

    I agree that the word curious is easier to say, when you just have a fleeting thought here or there. But if most of your thoughts is about one particular sex, then I think that is what you are down with for the most part.

  10. Continued...

    Now as for the bi-men and gay men, hey I cringe at the thought of it only because I cringe at anal sex period! It can be good and sometimes just ugh. LOL.

    Now as for me, my mind goes here and there with men/women but as you can see I kinda likey the men. LOL. But as for the question at hand...does a BJ from a man mean that you're gay?

    Yes or No????

  11. Whata day whata day so glad it's friday. Co-workers can be soooo damn treacherous. Hell so can life hope your day is going better. I digress first off I commend your honesty. "But as for the question at hand...does a BJ from a man mean that you're gay?" the short answer is yes. The long answer is you could be bi, or to high to care, or locked up for a long period of time, or on a deserted island. Unfortunately as in most things especially people there is no absolutes. Because of societal upbringing it took me a bit to accept all folks for what they are. MY motto now is if folks are consenting and no one gets hurt (unless they want it) then why should others care. I just wonder where is the line......