Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 152: I'm Not Feeling the HoneyComb Hideout

Ok so much for me trying to save money by getting a smaller spot.  I'm ready to go and I have been here exactly 14 days.  For starters, let's just say that I feel like I moved to Columbia or Ecuador or the Dominican Republic.  I'm sure that I'm the only black person in the building and probably only half of the people in here speak English.  Two maintenance guys have come already and neither one of their azzes spoke decent English.  But that's not really the problem...shoot maybe I might be able to brush up on my Spanish now???

Second problem is that it sounds like this above my head.

NO LIE.  REALLY.  NO LIE.  And you see the number of people in this video?  That's how many motherfuccas I think live up there.

Now I'm sure that Riverdance might be really fly to watch live, but when it sounds like this over your head everyday in your own apartment, it ain't fly AT ALL!!!

Apartment Hunting Lesson #1:  Always ask who lives above you and below you. 

I have come to realize that these people have kids, and are using the room above me as a bedroom/park.  I mean a DREAD being home all day sometimes.  They run, jump, bump, drop shyt, drop heavier shyt, move furniture, stomp back and forth ALl DAMN DAY.  And to top it all of they do all of this on a hardwood floor.  Then you hear the adults walking hard, and sometimes with shoes on.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  I have been there two weeks and it's slowly driving me nuts.  I mean I try to tune it out and sometimes I don't focus on it, but then I will hear some loud crash or thud and the game starts all over again. 

Like Friday, I was able to get the day off because we had a crazy, ridiculous amount of snow here.  But all day those 'chaps' (that's what my Mississipian father used to call brats) just ran and jumped and bumped.  It got so bad that I got dressed and left, and then locked myself out!  Unbelievable.  So I sent some complaint letters today to the landlord. 

Question>>>"Do people get a pass to be noisy because they have children?"

Hey, you know, I'm cool to move.  The place is too damn small for me.  I don't even have a place to put the litter box for the cat really, and he is tracking the little rocks from the gravel all over the place!  Once this cat keels over that's it for a while on the animal thang. 

Apartment Hunting Lesson #2:  Don't try to talk yourself into moving into a place that you know damn well won't fit your shyt.

It is so cramped I can't stand it!  And I knew it might be like that and I went and rented it anyway.  IKEA to the rescue!  When oh Lord will I be able to get a place of my own?  I'm so tired of renting.  And this property management company is ridiculous!  They even wanted me to take a picture of my cat and submit it with my application?  Crazee right?  I just went on Google images and found a cat that looked like mine and sent that in.  LOL.  Problem solved.  I mean really, are they gonna go thru all the trouble and match his markings to the Google photo I gave them?  I don't have pictures of that damn cat anyways.

Apartment Hunting Lesson #3: Don't ever think that you won't eventually see Milk Duds crawling in an apartment building with cheap rents.

Ok I don't think I need to elaborate on that one.  It is self explanatory.  I saw one baby Milk Dud so far.  I smashed him before he got the chance to go back and get his friends though.

I'll see how long I can last up in this spot.  Maybe it will inspire me to strive harder to get a home, or move away from here and back to the Midwest where it is cheaper.  I've been thinking about that a lot.  I mean why stay here and pay all this money and just work a regular ol' job?  I can do that anywhere for a lot less money.

I have this Ziploc bag full of lottery tickets that I bought that I never checked.  I just buy like 8 or 9 of them every week and stick them in a bag.  Why do I do this the lord only knows.  My mother and father would buy them and they would be checked that same night without fail. Then they would win and not tell anybody!  Not even each other!!  Like thousands okay?  You'll notice something was up when my father would stop asking to borrow money (rare), or my mother would come home with some new crazy vacuum cleaner. 

"It does everything!", she would always say. 
Yeah more than the last one you bought right?  LOL. 

When my father would win my mother would get suspicious because he would stop asking for money for more tickets and cigarettes or he would be drunk all the time.  Then she would wait until he fell asleep and dig in his pockets and find the cash and evidence that he won.  Then when he would wake up she would be screaming and fussing...

"Your stankin' ass won the lottery and didn't say shyt?!  You need to give me some of that money so I can pay these damn bills." 

Then he would be like, "I ain't giving you shyt!"  

Word up.  And he wouldn't as far as I knew.  Then she would just wait again until he went to sleep and took the money that she could find anyways.  Yeah, our house was a trip sometimes.  They were ALWAYS arguing about money and bills.

So here it is that I have MONTHS of these tickets from both NY and NJ and never checked them.  I'm gonna try to make a dent in it this week?  Maybe I'll get a couple of bucks out of 'em.  *crossing fingers*

Could it be possible for me one day SOON?  Like before the end of the year?  Daydreaming....

It sho' would be nice.

NOTE:  I know I like to use pics and videos on my posts, but I like to illustrate my thoughts instead it just being words.  I hope it is not overkill.


  1. Back to normal now - nice! Though I feel ya pain and your wishes.

  2. Thanks jb. Well I was told by the property manager that the people have a history and will be evicted? That will take months though. So we will see.

  3. I feel you on that noisy neighbor stuff. In my old place this little girl that lived upstairs jumped on her bed and the couch everyday, all day. At first I thought her mom was beating her cause of all of the boom a looming going on upstairs (that's from my Carolina G-ma). This girl couldn't have weighed more than45 lbs,but she sounded like 500! I think that she needed some Ritalin...I had something else for her...LOL I lived there for 4 years.
    BTW... Love the tights!!!

  4. OMG Sassyme. They are driving me bonkers. But I think the walls are thin here. I think they have like a 3 year old and the nucca sounds like Bam Bam from the Flintstones when he walks around. I guess that sounds familiar to you huh? LOL.

    ...and thanks for the compliment on the tights. Go ahead and get you a pair!!

  5. I have vowed to always live on the top floor of an apt. building, for now on and forever more. For a year in college,I lived at an apt. complex geared at nearby college students. The people that lived above me were worse than kids and it seemed like they enjoyed pissing me and my roommate off because when we finally reported them (after about 6 months), they seemed to only get worse and would give us stupid looks when we saw them. Plus,they had other people and kids living with them who weren't suppose to. It was so bad, I would be nervous to invite people over at certain times of the day,when they were at their loudest.
    Too bad now I'm living with someone else in an apt.on the bottom floor, and the person above us has a hyper 2 year old.
    Why don't managers put people with kids on the bottom floor? But anyway, its my first time on this blog and I'm enjoying it so far.

  6. Hey Love to Love. Wow it seems a lot of people have apartment horror stories. It's crazy. And about you saying about not wanting to bring people over, I feel the same way!!! Last night they were dropping crap and stomping and just driving me bonkers. And they probably don't speak much English so going up there and knocking on the door is probably pointless. I have written three complaint letters so far. I'm ready to go. For real.

    But I'm glad you checked out the blog!!! Really I am!!!!