Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From my phone....someone jumped off the building across the street from where I work today. U know I can understand why too. Why are we here? We have children because of our own desires not knowing the hell they might go thru. I went to look up at the building where he jumped. It was like 30 stories high. He didn't land in the street though. He landed on the roof of a parking garage. Man. This life is crazy. Pointless to me some days. It really is. I guess that's how he felt too. I guess we will find out in the news, and then he will be forgotten like everyone who dies.

Well it didn't even make the news.  See what I mean?


  1. So true.. I was just remarking the other day the older I get the less I understand. You do accumulate more "facts" but the more facts you have the less meaning they hold. Sometimes nothing makes sense. You mention worrying about the future of your kids but sometimes you don't even know who they have become. They have plunged head first into the societal abyss where the Al Ropers of the world get the air time and that's the successful ones. Where the majority is violently opposed to Health care and the middle class votes for Cristie - who promptly lays their dumb ass off.... just wait until more folks lose their jobs folks will be dropping like flies. -jb

  2. JB-

    "Dropping like flies"'s probably more going on that we even hear about dude. I guess I missed the news report on this one fella? I heard his name was Moustafa something?

    You are on point about getting older. The older you get the more disillusioned you become. Everything is so SERIOUS, and so much for me that I have a therapist!!! Neva woulda thought...

    On the blogs people are ANGRY okay over this healthcare, and the world is miserable and hopeless. You're right about Christie (NJ Governor).

    When they don't have healthcare or a job anymore then we will see what song people sing.

  3. Exactly but what is inexplicable is that some folks that don't have health care or a job or have a family or friend that doesn't still act and vote against their best wishes. The world seems crazy that way more then ever before! It's all buzz words, smoke, mirrors, BS, and of course MONEY.

    PS: I just figured out one of the things that attracts me to your blog it's your unblinking wide eyed honesty.

  4. "I just figured out one of the things that attracts me to your blog it's your unblinking wide eyed honesty."

    :) Aw thanks. I love that you read it too! Really. If nothing else I can try to be honest in cyberspace? LOL. And for minute there I wasn't even doing that like I mentioned in a earlier post. I tend to think too much about what people will say - even on the internet. Will I ever change? Probably not too much. But I can work on it though. Happy Friday!

  5. Thanks jb for checking in on my blog like this. Whatever I said on the web got you here so that's cool with me.