Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day #155: The Power of Pantyhose!

I'm gonna make this one short and sweet because I need to be working! 

Man!! When I wear these stockings or something similar to them, I get ATTENTION okay?  In the subway, on the bus, Spanish, White, Black - it don't matter.  They are like" Heyyyyy, how YOU doin?!"  Cheesin' and everything.  Fellas are truly visual creatures. 

So I took a picture of them while at my desk this morning.

Cute right?  But they seem to have some secret hypnotic powers associated with them too.  Gurl, and the men likey them!  And I'm not gonna lie either, they were gassin' me up this morning in the subway.  I was like dayum these stockings are the bizness!

I know I love quoting songs and I probably get on people's nerves doing it, but so?  I'm the President of my blog and I can type what the hell I wanna dammit.  I didn't like this song too much when it was out back in the 80s, but the lyrics are right on point about the power of a nice pair of hose.

Trapped at first glance

I did a double take
A victim without a chance
Pulled in by the bait

When I caught the
Fishnet black pantyhose
Big legs show through the holes

Fishnet black pantyhose
She's out to catch you
With those fishnet pantyhose

Nuff said.  Morris Day and The Time ain't lyin.

Next winter you best believe that I will be well stocked on 'em too. Fo' sho. 

Cuz I'm lovin' it!

Shameful ain't it?  Giggle.

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