Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sitting at the city council meeting in the town where my biz used to be. I spoke here two years ago when the landlord rented to a competitor less than 100 feet away from me. I wrote a three min speech and read it..nervous twitch in my voice and all. Ppl came up to me and told me that they wld help, come to this, come to that...well here I sit two yrs later. My biz is closed and I see the same ppl who said they wld 'look into it'. Boy was I a fool to think city politicians wld assist a small time sista like me.

I wonder do they even recognize my face.  Mad white folks in here. Some of us too. We don't rally around each other or for a cause as a ppl. My customers did support me though, but some were haters! Ugh! Sitting here brings back some of the anger about my bizness.

I'm hungry. Dreaming about a fish sandwich from McDonalds. I'm so hungry that everyone looks like fish sandwiches right now. The restaurant is right across the street too. Hmmmmm. Yeah, eat that and cancel out the workout I had at lunch right? Damn. Ok pls gimme strength so I won't get that fish sandwich tonight. Y am I here this long? Trying to support my coworker who is gonna speak. He is a grade A weirdo but he listens to my crap so I felt I needed to return the favor. I hope its over soon. Long azz meeting!!!


  1. I'm an MTO addict too! That's where I got the link for your blog. Love your blog, keep up the good work :o)

  2. Hi ina...

    Wow. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Today I was better with MTO. I went but I was there maybe a half hour. People are so funny on there it's ridiculous. I'm just an MTO addict, but it paid off because you came out to check the blog. Thanks for the nice comment! It made my day for real!!! :-)

  3. :) Hi! It's me again. I'm sorry but I -just- saw your comment posted on my website ( Thanks so much for visiting, & I'm (of course) still reading your blog. It's like an indulgence for me! Haha. Take care.

  4. Thanks Missa. I'm checking your blog too chica!