Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bad Day?

From my phone:

I hate the way today is going.  It started out okay I think.  I made it out of the house just as the azzhole neighbors started their daily Riverdance rehearsals above me.  8:45am.  Saturday.

It's beautiful weather and I went to the gym.  I even wore some tight gym clothes and showed some boobage.  It didn't look too bad even though I gained about five pounds since the Operation Sexy foot surgery.  Went to a different gym; more brothers there so maybe I'll go back.  I even drove 18 miles just to get me a Chik Fil A sammich and fries too (regretted it though).  So I was doing pretty good.

So I was supposed to meet an old friend for nothing much really but to hang out and run some errands.  Listen to old songs and laugh more than likely.  We used to date, and then we became Friends With Benefits (FWB) after he started getting all jealous acting and shyt.  I don't like that AT ALL.   Lately the FWB thing was fading out (as it always does) but we were still cool.

Oh and did I mention that he is an ex-gangsta?  80s style.  Perm and all - oh excuse me, I mean texturizer.  Yep I know, what was I thinking?!!!  I call him THE OG - The Original Gangsta (not to his face though).  I have him in my cell phone like that too.  Yeah he's the type that drives those big azz Buicks or Cadillacs, and has something like The Whispers or The Stylistics blasting from his woofers on a hot summer day.  Uh huh, he's Mr. Mayor - leaning to the side and driving 5 miles an hour yelling out every two minutes, 'Hey how you doing mane!"  Honk. Honk.  "All right!  All right!"  I had to stop riding in that fool's car cuz I couldn't take it anymore! 

We spoke this morning and I told him that I would call him when I was coming his way so we could take my car for a little spin.  But when I call him he says, "Oh I didn't hear from you an hour ago so I made other plans."

(Eyes widen.  Mouth drops.)

Say what nucca?

So in other words you got a better offer and decided to go out with another chick after we planned this yesterday and this morning?  Next I try to ask him what he was gonna do instead of meeting me, and he is just talking in muthafuckin circles and dancing around it.  Pissing me off even more.  The chick must have been there.  Just say it muthafucca!!!  I'm not your woman so what are you hiding for?  I should have said, "Say my name!", but my name can be for a boy or girl so that would have been useless to do.  But even still, he made plans with me and then cancels me and throws me to the side like gabbage (yes, gabbage)?  After all the shyt I helped you with?  After I gave you play knowing you were an ex con and knowing all the corrupt shyt you used to do?  (I would put up his prison pic with him in his orange jumpsuit cuz it's on the the state website, but I won't do him like that.  I do have a heart. LOL)

But wait, why am I pissed?  I'm sitting here asking myself why am I pissed?  Am I looney to be pissed about a brother who can only give me some good d*ck (sometimes), talk that nasty talk the way I like, and help me with little errands and shyt? 

Still though.  I don't like it that we made a plan and then he tried to turn it around and blame me for not calling him during a certain timeframe.  Shyt why didn't you call me?  I asked him that and he just said more babblin' mumbo jumbo that made no sense.

(That's him calling me now.  Fucca.)

He shouldn't have done that.  He should have told whoever it was that he would catch them later this evening cuz he had plans this afternoon.  I wasn't gonna hold him all day.  I mean it sounds simple enough to me.  WTF?

So I hang up the phone with him, and of course I followed up with some 'mothafucka' and "I hope the pus*y is good" texts right after.  I invited him to go to an event next Saturday and I HOPE that he calls me asking if we are still going.  Yeah I'll pick you up Mr. Mayor.  I'll even give you a time too, but on my watch it will be at exactly half past never.  I'm going by myself and plan to dance the night away!

(mind chatter)

Ok, ok! I'll confess! This touched a nerve today.  My feelings got hurt and I'm feeling a little burnt.  Yeah, burnt feelings to go along with the sunburn that I got on my back last week.  Great.  Right now I wish I could be like Beyonce and say,"I can have another you in a minute", but today I can't.  There's nobody in the dugout (well nobody that I wanna be bothered with anyway).  It's a shitty feeling. 

5:00pm.  Beautiful Saturday.  Sitting in my fancy car.

I hope the azzhole neighbors left for a while. 

I'll be glad when the sun goes down.


  1. That's exactly why I like your Blog - it's everyday sh#t. We ALL have those days but few write about it.
    PS: checked it - not bad even wrote a comment and noticed it was directly after yours :)

  2. :)

    How ya doing jb?

    Oh I read your comment on that other blog. I see you commented on the azz post. What a surprise! Haha!

  3. Nope...I don't think you're wrong for being pissed AT ALL!

    Like you said, it's NOT like you two are in a relationship so if he wanted to rock with someone else for the day, he should be big enough to just say it rather than take you for a fool by givin' you a whole bunch'a BS excuses.

    Men *sigh* can't live with em'...won't live without em'.

  4. @ Ms. Behaving...

    Ok thanks for giving me the green light to be pissed! He apologized but it was still a raggedy move.

    I cosign that "sigh'. Like you said, as much as we complain, we still won't live without 'em.