Saturday, May 1, 2010 it wrong to get irritated when a guy asks u to go out and then asks....

"So what do u wanna do?"

Clueless. No matter how old they are. Is it too much to ask that u have a plan?

You know what. I think it is to be honest.



  1. haha planning is such a pain, thats why it's easy to spend half the night asking "what about this place" "I don't care". repeat

  2. @ NC17...


    And what you said is exactly what happened on Saturday afternoon.


    Hell, I think I'm gonna give up on expecting a plan from these fellas, so if they end up having one at least I might be able to act surprised.

    *waving my white flag in surrender*

  3. ugh- i hate that. I'd prefer for him to have everything planned out especially if its the 1st date. If he picks out bs places for the 1st date, I'll know I have to make the plans the next time.

  4. Call me crazy BUT I happen think it's pretty considerate for a guy to ask a lady what she wants to do versus takin' it upon himself to plan something she might not enjoy.

    There's just a slimmer chance of you being disappointed if you made the decision (ya know)???.

    Just my measly 2 cent! :)

  5. @ Ms. Behaving.

    Nah you're not crazy to say that. I hear you, I hear you.

    I should have put more details on the post, but I meant like when you are already on the date is when this is irritating. I like to see what a guy comes up with at least. At least a try is betta than leaving it up to me. My head already has enough crap swirling through it. ;-)

    My man NC17 kinda broke it down for the fellas - it is too much work to plan for dudes. So that's why I said I give up. I guess I just need to do the work and be prepared to have something picked out to do that might interest me so the man can just pay for it and that'll be that!!!! LOL.